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Woman wins hearts by walking away from a workplace that did not respect her time

The Reddit thread of a woman explaining why she left her interview after the employer was 15 minutes late garners appreciation.

Woman wins hearts by walking away from a workplace that did not respect her time
Cover Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Mike Jones

Many times, it is only through experience that people can get answers to different questions, especially in their professional lives. Some things just become evident as a person spends more time on the job or work field. In a viral Reddit thread, Mauve_Unicorn shared that after being invited for an interview, she chose to let go of the job after seeing firsthand the behavioral patterns of the company. It immediately gave her the hint that her priorities do not match that of the company and she decided to not waste either her or the establishment's time.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Mike Jones
Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Mike Jones

The whole situation started when the Redditor reported for her interview at 2.30 pm, just as instructed. After entering the premises she was informed that she would be able to meet her interviewer in just a minute at the lobby. 15 minutes later she decided to walk out. She understood what this waiting meant in the grand scheme of things. Being in the industry for so long she knew that this was a test of how desperate she was for the job. This implied that they wanted a person for the job who would overexert themselves to fulfill their objectives. She described the red flag with the words, "This company is testing your patience because they want to be sure that the candidate is desperate because they're going to abuse them."


According to a study conducted by Flexjobs, more than 60% of individuals choose work-life balance over good pay. Most prospective employees would take up a job that gives them a breather rather than a job that is always on their neck. This is seemingly what the employee in this case is prioritizing. This might be a job with good pay, but the behavior the company is showcasing is not something that she wants to incorporate into her life at present.


The post also implies that the work culture of the company was also not something that she desired in her life. More importantly, it was not something that she was 'desperate' for in her life. Even though she was searching for a job, she wasn't in dire need of employment that she would allow such treatment from an organization. There are people in need who would be willing to accept so much work pressure. Those are the employees that the organization in question desires and Mauve_Unicorn is not one of them.

Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by droplivefred
Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by droplivefred


Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by kangaesugi
Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by kangaesugi


The comment section shared their own stories related to their work-life. jpoitras22 shared why she did not leave after such a delay, "The interview for my current position started about 30 minutes late, but it was communicated to me immediately when I got there that there was an issue being worked on. So I waited in the lounge and eventually got to my interview. The key point was that someone explained to me what was happening right away instead of just having me sit there." Cultural-Clue-71 had similar opinions and wrote, "Me too and I wish they wouldn't. I know my limitations and want/need a work-life balance for my health. But always seem to get suckered into these superwoman jobs, where they want you to give your life for work. Been there, done that. Now I just want to go to work, do my job, and leave it at the door at the end of the day. Don't want to quiet-quit, just do a good day's work for my pay and not stress over ridiculous expectations. Maybe it's me and I'm giving off some vibe."

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