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A brain tumor damaged her nerves badly. Video of her walking by herself has the internet applauding

Kiera along with her instructor achieved a major milestone by walking without assistance to her gym.

A brain tumor damaged her nerves badly. Video of her walking by herself has the internet applauding
Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by IanAgate

Honest persistence with the right support can help a person achieve humongous milestones. Recently a success story of such persistence went viral on Reddit. Kiera had suffered extensive nerve damage as a result of a brain tumor and it left her immobile to a large extent, forcing her to rebuild and train her body all over. A recent video shared by her gym trainer helping her step out of the car and take a few steps to the gym has garnered much support. It has garnered almost 62k upvotes till now. The video was originally uploaded on Instagram by the account @j7healthjaveno. Her progress was heartwarming for everyone as it was evident that the mere act of standing up was extremely difficult for her but she managed to walk because of her own belief and support around her.

Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by IanAgate
Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by IanAgate


In the video, it was evident that with her own determination, the lady also benefited a lot from the support given by her gym instructor. Her gym instructor is Javeno McLean, who was constantly with her asking her to take her time but emphasizing completing the entire walk. Javeno Mclean is well-known for operating a gym exclusively for elderly and disabled individuals, free of cost. Throughout the video, he is around her but never gives Kiera a helping hand because he knows how important it is for her to complete the entire task independently. He constantly gives her tips so that she can easily complete her walk like holding on to the car door and taking it one step at a time. He advises her to balance herself before she takes the next step and moves from her car to the pathway and asks her to keep her chin up. There were times when Kiera stopped but Javeno kept motivating her to go on keeping her hand just in front of her so that if something bad was to happen she would fall on his arms and not injure herself.

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After walking the pathway Kiera reached the gym door and here also her instructor encouraged her to open it by saying "I've got you. Go on." He reminded Kiera to keep her chin up and maintain her posture. The instructor was motivating her not to be scared, as he had full belief in her that she could achieve the task at hand. His pride was evident as he was constantly showing off to people around the fantastic achievement of his student. After the pair reached the chair Javeno slowly guided Kiera and placed her in an angle where it would be easier for her to sit. The moment Kiera successfully sat on the chair, Javeno was jubilant and she had a satisfied smile on her face. This whole thing was extremely hard on her as she suffers from mobility issues because of her condition, but the fact that she was able to succeed in her objective was both wholesome and inspiring to witness.

Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by @H0mertron
Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by @H0mertron


Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by IndependentFace5949
Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by @IndependentFace5949


The comment section was emotional as well as appreciative of this brilliant act. @H0mertron is seeking inspiration from this entire situation for his own future, "Going back to rehab today to learn how to walk again. Lost nearly my entire leg due to a blood clot. This video not only made me smile but made me cry. Hoping for similar results." @IndependentFace5949 appreciated the instructor and wrote, "That is the man you want beside you and helping your rehabilitation. They are both legends. That was one of the best MADEMESMILE yet".

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