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Woman wins office's Halloween costume contest with her creative outfit and people are here for it

This mom went to her workplace Halloween dress-up contest in an incredibly creative outfit and won over the prize and the internet.

Woman wins office's Halloween costume contest with her creative outfit and people are here for it
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @coreytimes

Halloween is that one time of the year when people from all age groups are free to dress in any way they want. They can don the capes of their favorite superheroes or transform themselves into iconic cult horror icons with elaborate makeup. The celebrities also organize events and galas to invite their A-lister buddies whose pictures often end up on the front pages of magazines and tabloids. But it seems the adorable mom of Corey Jacob (@coreytimes) on Twitter has stolen the show with her innovative Halloween costume at her office.


Jacob shared a picture of his mom where she had just won the Halloween costume contest at the company she works in. It might seem like a low-effort outfit but it surely left a lasting impression on others. On top of that, netizens couldn't help but appreciate Jacob's mom's creativity and sense of humor. In the viral picture posted by the son on his Twitter account, his mom can be seen dressed in a simple black t-shirt and pants.


But the funny mom has also pinned various swatches of the shades of black, grey and white, putting her innovative spin on the title of the best-selling erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey." Jacob also shared two Snapchat images that his mother had sent him after winning the prize for best Halloween costume. "Y’all look how cute she was when she won," the proud son wrote in the caption of his Twitter post where his adorable mom is seen beaming after her win. She also mentioned through an overlay text on her snap that she has won $100 as the winner.


Jacob made sure to post another image of his mother from the previous year's Halloween when she had dressed up as a literal social butterfly. Instead of sticking a pair of colorful wings only, she added the logos of all the social sites like TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube and many more on her body, transforming into the actual definition of "social butterfly" with two tiny antennas on her head as well. The internet was delighted to see her putting effort and thought into her Halloween costumes. The mom has been an inspiration for others to think out of the box as well.

@jenw930 wrote under Jacob's post about his mom: "My sister taped smarties to her jeans and went as 'Smarty Pants'. Wore a shirt with a pumpkin and taped the “pi” symbol so I was pumpkin pie. I just adore punny costumes!" @MAIRE_BEAT joked: "Sending request of Adoption. I have my mom but I need her as an Auntie, the one you got to have. Love ya, girl." @ZiggyHFX commented: "Next year your mother must go as a cereal killer and wear a knife handle and cereal boxes taped to her clothing." 

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A post shared by Corey Jacob Ingersoll (@coreytimes)


@neldonal added: "Reminds me of the time I went to a party and this couple dressed as 'the black-eyed peas' literally a shirt with the letter P and painted black patches over their eye. Before you ask, yes they also won the contest. A lot were not happy about it." If we scroll through Jacob's Instagram page, it seems that she is the most fun mom that you can have around. In one of Jacob's Instagram posts, his mom can be seen participating in the NYC Pride March and giving out "free mom hugs" to the people in the crowd. 

"Experiencing the NYC Pride March with my mom and watching her give out hundreds of hugs yesterday was emotional on so many different levels, and it is something I will never forget. I know how incredibly lucky I am to have a mom who not only unabashedly loves and accepts my queer identity, but also makes an effort to embrace my queerness and show love and support to the entire LGBTQ+ community. She is the embodiment of a true ally," Jacob gushed about his mother in the post.

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A post shared by Corey Jacob Ingersoll (@coreytimes)


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