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Woman who was abandoned as a child has adopted 346 children to care for them

She runs a non-profit organization which offers love, support and guidance to orphans and homeless children.

Woman who was abandoned as a child has adopted 346 children to care for them
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Que Huong Charity Center

A woman was left on a doorstep as an infant by her parents. She knows the pain of being abandoned. So, she is trying to help other babies not to feel what she felt as a child. She has adopted over 346 children and her name is Huynh Tieu Huong. She is being called the "Mother Teresa of Vietnam." She runs an organization that offers love and support to orphans and homeless children. Due to her efforts, these children have a place to sleep and play, schooling and medical care. As for her own life, Huong doesn't know her place of birth, but as she had her ID, she found out she was born in 1968, reports Good News Network.



 A homeless woman tried her best to find a home for Huong and was successful. However, these people turned out to be predators and neighbors helped Huong to escape from this place. She continuously moved from one place to another till she turned 19 and found a baby girl on her doorstep. Huong adopted the child and gave her all the support and love she had to give.


After she earned some money to support her daughter and herself, Huong started volunteering for Vietnam Relief Association in 1993 and she helped orphans and the elderly. In 2001, she formed the Que Huong Charity Center in the Tan Dong Hiep Commune and slowly increased the number of people till it reached 300. Also, she founded Mother Houng Foundation to support this work. She is also trying to expand her work to the U.S. and help more people. Even though life had been challenging for Huong, she found a way to ease the pain of others and even help them to her fullest. In another story about kindness, Manchester-by-the-Sea Probationary Firefighter Shane Stephenson was hailed as a hero after rescuing a driver whose car burst into flames. He's just been three days on the job and he's already saved a person's life.


The firefighter-in-training was on his way to work at the Manchester-by-the-Sea fire department when he saw smoke coming out from a car. He realized the vehicle had crashed through a guardrail, hit a tree and immediately burst into flames. Stephenson saw that the driver of the vehicle was trapped in the car and three good Samaritans were trying to help him out.


"My main goal [was] to make sure he was safe and away from the vehicle," Stephenson told WCVB 5. "I'm an EMT, 13 years. So, you see something like that, and you want to pull over and help, and, you know, you can't expect ever to be trained to the same level." He added, "So you kind of go up and make sure everybody's doing the right thing, and kind of helping, give some direction where you can. Glad I was able to help. Glad I was there and not 10 minutes earlier." "My big thing was making sure the patient was out and then I let the professionals take care of the fire."

"They were the ones who really helped out, made a positive impact in helping him get out of the vehicle," Stephenson said. "They were the heroes." The crash currently remains under investigation.

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