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Woman who sold artwork for $200 left stunned after learning how much it was actually worth

A single mom sold an art piece she purchased from a second-hand shop to get financial help. However, her haste cost her a lot.

Woman who sold artwork for $200 left stunned after learning how much it was actually worth
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Robin Schreiner; Gold Coast Bulletin | Sarah Bonner

Art has been one of the industries that has been evolving over the past centuries. In their forms and through their own styles, different types of art have become famous and taken to the liking of different generations. Purchasing art from the owner, through auctions or even through other mediums is a thrilling practice enjoyed by many. However, it is crucial to understand and research each piece of art before placing a price and selling it. Gold Coast Bulletin spoke with single mum Sarah Bonner, who made the costly mistake of selling an art piece for $200 when it actually cost thousands of dollars. Bonner had purchased a piece of art from a second-hand site without any clue of its origin and form.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Una Laurencic
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Una Laurencic

She mentioned that she was struggling and decided to sell the piece and earn something out of it. She posted it on Facebook Marketplace with a price of $100. Surprisingly, a customer offered double the amount for the piece. Bonner mentioned that the buyer seemed nice and after a chat, she sold the piece for $200. The very next day, another customer enquired about the availability of the painting when Bonner made a shocking discovery. The mom was astonished upon hearing from the customer that the piece was worth around $20,000. On interacting further with the customer, Bonner learned that it was created by a famous French artist, Pierre Soulages, who passed away in 2022. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Lukas
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Lukas

Undoubtedly, the art piece was to be worth thousands of dollars. Daily Mail shared images highlighting the other art pieces made by the artist, which were sold for a whopping $30,000 and more. On further analysis, it was revealed that the art piece was part of his series of paintings. The work is one of 200 in a series titled "Lithographie No. 3." To add to the shocking information, other paintings have gone up to $50,000, while one of his paintings, at an auction, was sold for millions of dollars.

Nothing can explain the mixed emotions the mom went through. What could have been her jackpot just left her with just a few days' earnings. "If I knew someone in that situation, I would like to see them offer a better deal and be honest with them about how much it's worth," the mom said. She added that it would have aided her and her family.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Alex Green
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Alex Green

"It could have really brightened my year and really made a difference to my family," she said. On investigating, Bonner was able to find the buyer who purchased the painting from her. The man was Leigh Capel, an art dealer who had his own art gallery. Capel runs the Belle Epoque gallery in Petersham, Australia, which sells art and antiques. However, the man can not really be accused of anything since he has done nothing wrong. The loss remains just that of the mom's. Her struggle caused her to hurriedly sell the painting without getting her research and that cost her heavily.

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