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Woman who kept sending emotional emails to her late father receives heartwarming reply from stranger

The daughter thought that no one would have access to her father's work email. But to her surprise, someone did have and they wrote back.

Woman who kept sending emotional emails to her late father receives heartwarming reply from stranger
Cover Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by RDNE Stock project

Even though every person experiences grief differently, some opt for messaging the loved one they have lost as a coping technique. They are aware that they will never hear back from their loved ones but they still keep on texting them or emailing them to calm their mind and deal with their absence, one step at a time. It's just a means to maintain a certain amount of comfort and familiarity in one's life when they lose someone close to them. So, when @RaxKingIsDead was sharing emails to her late dad's work mail, people could relate to her pain. 

Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Sasin Tipchai
Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Sasin Tipchai


She started emailing her father's office mail address after he died, asking for guidance and telling him how much she missed him. The woman felt that she would never hear back from her father because he wasn't there to respond to the emails. However, one day, she was shocked to see that she received a reply from someone on the other end who claimed to remember her and her father after seeing them at his workplace. Someone, who appeared to have worked with the woman's father, responded to her emails.



The woman posted a picture of the heartfelt email she received from the mystery person on Twitter. The email read to @RaxKingIsDead read:  "Hi, I’m sure you remember me. I want you to know that I never read these emails because I can tell they are very personal. But I do see them coming in and I can see that you must still miss your dad terribly." The person further wrote: "I want you to know that he loved you more than anything. Watching the two of you together wisecracking, razzing each other, cussing each other out, it was obvious that you were cut from the exact same cloth.” 



After reading the email, the woman tweeted that she was “sobbing in the office bathroom” due to the overwhelming emotions it brought out in her. The person who replied to the emails also shared that watching the woman and her late father interact was like “watching a Mel Brooks movie.” They recognized the deep love that she and her father had for one another, and how special it was to witness such a bond. “I know that my memories can’t replace what you had with your dad. It was so special that you were able to have such a close relationship. Not everybody has that with their dad,” they shared and added: "But I hope that it is a comfort to you that the people in your father’s life (goofballs like me) loved the two of you together as much as you loved each other.” 

People were deeply moved by the email the woman received. A lot of them went ahead to share their own experiences of losing a parent and how they dealt with the grief. @bostonwriter wrote: "This is beautiful. My Dad passed almost 7 years ago, but he had Alzheimer’s so it feels like I lost him long before then. I miss him every day, but I constantly feel his presence in ways large and small. I know - not believe, KNOW - your Dad is with you, too." @butlizzie replied: "I’m so sorry for your loss. My dad died suddenly 2 1/2 years ago, and before we turned off his phone I would call him and leave voicemails every so often. I just wanted to hear his voice on the outgoing message." 



Image Source: Pexels/ Engin Akyurt
Image Source: Pexels/ Engin Akyurt

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