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Woman who decided to shoot her shot 4 years ago on Twitter gives wholesome update

Rachel Moore's brother showed her a video on YouTube in August 2018 that led her to the kind of love she 'always dreamed of.'

Woman who decided to shoot her shot 4 years ago on Twitter gives wholesome update
Image Source: Rachel Moore/Twitter

It's fascinating when people find their soulmates in the most unexpected manner. Love stories where people fall for each other in mysterious and magical ways are rare. Such a sweet but unexpected thing happened to Rachel Moore when she simply posted a tweet addressing Jared Dines, a famous YouTube user and musician. Moore wrote on Twitter in 2018, "um hey @JaredDines. I watched your new video and it’s very important to me that I find this one (1) specific boy because he is very pretty. please help." She was referring to a handsome man featured in one of Dines' YouTube videos. She even posted screenshots looking for the man on social media, who was actually a guy named Chris Gazel. 



Gazel came across Moore's tweet and wrote in the comments, "Hey, that’s me" to which she replied, "Hey, do you wanna be friends" and the rest is history. Four years later, the couple is now happily married. Moore announced their wedding by retweeting the post from 2018 and writing, "we got married." She shared two wedding pictures in which they look extremely happy and in love. Moore elaborated on her story in a post on Instagram with beautiful pictures of herself with her now-husband.





She wrote in the caption, "you ever just meet the love of your life & create four years of favorite memories all thanks to one 280-character tweet." She revealed that it was on August 3, 2018 when her brother showed her a YouTube video that "would lead me to the long-distance-relationship-cross-country-road-trip-build-a-life-together kinda love I always dreamed of." The couple got engaged on June 29 this year and got married this month after a whirlwind romance. People went crazy over this out-of-the-blue love story and congratulated the newlyweds. One person commented, "Yall see what happens when women decide to shoot their shot? Take notes ladies." Another said, "Occasional reminder to shoot your shots...intentional shots!"





Some Twitter users were even mad as they haven't met the love of their life easily like Moore and Gazel. One user commented, "Nah this is hella touching but at the same time I’m pretty mad rn for some reason." Moore's tweet went viral and gathered almost 70,000 likes in two days and more than 5,000 retweets. Another Twitter user wrote, "BEST HOW IT STARTED VS. HOW IT’S GOING I HAVE EVER SEEN CONGRATS!!" Most people said that this is a prime example of how women should also take the initiative to express their feelings as it can lead to fruitful and beautiful stories. 



A user replied, "This is so wholesome my heart has melted into a puddle. I saw him reply "hey that's me" and tears of joy filled my eyes. Your home is blessed." Moore is a content marketer and writer and her first book, "Book of Fades," will be released next year. Gazel is a drummer and engineer and he posted the first photo he took with Rachel when they met after the famous tweet. The two can be seen smiling and posing and Gazel wrote in the caption, "Twitter did this. Also airplanes."

A Twitter user replied to their marriage announcement, "Omg, this in itself is an adorable walking taking romance here. Congratulations to both of you. Adorable!!!!" 

"From writing romcoms to living out them in real life! We love to see it," said another.

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