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Woman wanted to cross a bridge to commute to work but accidentally ended up on a ferry

She was trying to drive to work instead of taking public transport and ended up on a strange ferry.

Woman wanted to cross a bridge to commute to work but accidentally ended up on a ferry
Image Source: TikTok/sophmontague

We all have days where nothing goes as planned and we come across unforeseen circumstances. Sophie Montague, the TikTok user and radio presenter, went through something similar when she was on her morning commute. Montague works at Made in Kent radio and was trying to get to work when she realized that she was accidentally on a ferry. She'd driven to work instead of taking the tube that day, and she was cheerfully driving along until she came up to the River Thames.

Image Source: TikTok/sophmontague
Image Source: TikTok/sophmontague


Cars obviously require a method to cross the river, and a bridge is normally the route to do so. She figured she was just continuing on another road as she followed the cars in front of her. However, it turned out to be a boat and when she realized it, it was absolutely shocking. Montague posted a TikTok video that documents her whole experience, in which she says, "I have actually ended up on a ferry. I'm just trying to commute - I'm just trying to commute to work. I thought it was a road and I'm on a freaking ferry." 

She turned the camera around to show her surroundings and looking at the view in front of her, it does look like a very normal road. However, the boat around that road gives a clear indication of the ferry. Montague didn't say whether there were any indicators that she was going to drive onto a ferry, but she subsequently discovered that it was the Woolwich Ferry; a free vessel that ferries customers over the Thames from Woolwich on the south bank to North Woolwich on the north bank. 

She said in another video, "I genuinely thought I was like, going into a tunnel. I wasn't, I was going on to a ferry. It started spinning to turn, so everything was spinning around me, I thought 'oh my God, am I drunk?' " She added, "That was a very, very dramatic and traumatic commute to work this morning I'll have you know." Viewers have expressed satisfaction that Sophie did not wind up in France or Belgium as a consequence of her mishap, and she informed viewers that she did make it to work at the radio station despite the unexpected detour. 

Image Source: TikTok/shaunaprocter0
Image Source: TikTok/shaunaprocter0


Her first TikTok video racked up more than 1.3 million views and she posted two more updates following the incident. Some TikTok users even shared that a similar thing happened to them on the same ferry, a user, @shannondobell commented, "If this is the Woolwich ferry, I did the exact same thing and I cried because I thought we were going to end up in France." Another @mybella89 added, "Yesssss I have done this!! It was a scary experience, traumatizing me for the entire morning." A third user, @dozrim said, "Haha I did this in the Lake District! Had a full panic attack at the poor man and he was like chill you’re just going the other side of the lake."  "The panic attack I'd be having would be severe! Lol hope you get to your destination safely," commented @carly_305. 

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