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Woman vents about husband naming newborn Jupiter, sparks debate on Twitter

Twitter user Ckirbyyyy took to the platform to share her grievances about her husband's proposed name. She was met with agreement, opposition and high-quality memes.

Woman vents about husband naming newborn Jupiter, sparks debate on Twitter
Image Source: (Back) Jose Luis Pelaez / Getty Images (Front) ckirbyyyy / Twitter

Some of us have been blessed with terribly average names that do not generally turn heads. Others, however, have not been so lucky. Parents, given the unbridled power to name their children anything they so wish, have not always been very thoughtful about how their child may walk through life with a given name. In one such case, a woman took to Twitter to vent about the potential name her husband had in mind for their newborn: Jupiter. Twitter user Ckirbyyyy's post instantly went viral, sparking a debate about what counts as a terrible name. While some suggested the name Jupiter was quite cool, others agreed that the child may be bullied growing up.


"My husband wants to name our kid Jupiter and I need every single person who reads this tweet to say it is a terrible name," the user wrote. "For me. Please. Thank you." Since it was first posted a few weeks ago, it has been retweeted more than 13,000 times. It has also received over 156,700 likes. Evidently, fellow Twitter users had a lot of thoughts to share about the potential name for the couple's newborn. On one hand, folks agreed with the mom-to-be. They thought the name was a pretty bad idea.


One person wrote, "As someone who has an unusual name that is mispronounced all the time, please do not burden your child with something unless you are prepared to walk that path with them." Another added, "I was given just an unusually spelled name as a child, and I changed it to my more common first name in Junior High. [I did not] want to tell 14 teachers a year how to spell it and how to pronounce it when they saw It! Best decision I ever made!" Meanwhile, others thought the name was actually rather cool and expressed how they wished their parents named them something memorable.


"Sorry, I love the name Jupiter," a fellow Twitter user responded. "I do not care." Another individual wrote, "I am so surprised at all the replies agreeing [with the wife]. Jupiter is such a cool name. What the f*ck?" Another suggested, "That is real cute though. Jupy for a nickname." Nonetheless, there were also Twitter users who used the opportunity to make a few funny remarks. For example, some noted how they had named their own children Jupiter. The children just happened to be pets.

Sharing a photo of her dog as a puppy, one person commented, "Um, no offense, but I named my own child Jupiter. But, (oh yeah) I do not have kids. I have a German Shepherd I named Jupiter! Yes for a dog. No for a biological child. He says hi! This was Jupiter at six weeks old." Another user joked (or at least we think it was a joke), "I truly wanted our daughter to be named Para. My wife absolutely refused. I tried to compromise and make it her middle name. My wife stood her ground. My last name is Graf. I still think Para is a nice name." Ultimately, Ckirbyyyy did not come to a conclusion. She did, nonetheless, vehemently stand her ground. "If anything, the majority of this comment thread proves why it is not a good name for a human," she concluded. "There are many other names that are also not good but this is one that was being held onto. Had my husband said Bertha or Cindylou, I would have made the same tweet."


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