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Woman under anesthesia forgets husband but thinks he's very cute: 'I like you'

She calls him cute and is extremely surprised when he goes ahead and kisses her twice.

Woman under anesthesia forgets husband but thinks he's very cute: 'I like you'
Image Source: Reddit/Zee2A

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 16, 2023. It has since been updated.

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love and happiness in your life, love that sustains and comforts us in times of distress. For this woman, love did exactly that. A woman who just had surgery had temporary short-term memory loss due to the anesthesia. When her husband came to check in on her just after surgery, they had an extremely heartwarming conversation, which was caught on video and posted on Reddit by u/Zee2A

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: u/Zee2A | Reddit


In the video, the woman caresses her husband's face and says, "You look a little weird, but you are cute." He laughs as his wife keeps on staring at him and says, "You're funny looking," and takes off his cap, putting it on her own head. The husband says, "I like it. It suits you," and the woman replies, "I like you. I think you're cute." The man seems amused and between chuckles, says, "I am gonna blow your mind right now, do you want to know how?" He goes ahead and kisses her on the cheek and the woman is shocked. She says, "That cute guy is kissing me." He kisses her on the lips and she is absolutely delighted and shocked. 

This adorable video touched the hearts of many and has 3.5k upvotes. A Reddit user @H2O_Shiftx said, "If this ever happened to me, I would never need reassurance in my life ever again. It's just so pure." Another person @Xlbucket commented, "My brother has always hated me. However, when he had his wisdom teeth taken out he had the same sort of thing happen. After I told him I was his brother he was really surprised and I was really taken aback when he said that he loved me. I still think about it and it makes me smile." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: u/Zee2A| Reddit


@Dizruption said, "Husband is having the time of his life. These will make nice family tapes." Another Reddit user @AimlessLiving recalled their own experience with anesthesia. "I woke up from a crash c-section convinced I’d actually birthed an alien with teeth for a face. I spent an hour asking my husband if he was absolutely sure the baby he was holding was our baby. Anesthesia is indeed interesting." Another person @Acceptable-Ad1930 said, "I think these two might be the cutest couple on earth, and will happily wait to see the follow-up in 80 years when they’re an even cuter, old couple!"



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