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Woman throws abusive husband's ashes in dumpster: 'Final goodbye to the nasty b**tard'

Marsha Widener experienced abuse all her life at the hands of her awful husband. She finally got to give him the goodbye he truly deserved.

Woman throws abusive husband's ashes in dumpster: 'Final goodbye to the nasty b**tard'
Image Source: Marsha Widener / YouTube

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Domestic Abuse

In a YouTube video, a woman celebrates her abusive husband's death by throwing his ashes into a garbage bin. The video, originally posted in 2017, has recently gone viral. In the clip titled "Final goodbye to the NASTY BASTARD," widow Marsha Widener bids farewell to the man who caused her several years of trauma and pain. Hundreds of users have watched the video, congratulating her for finally being free. They also rained praise on her humorous take on the situation. Others chimed in with their own experiences of abuse and said that watching the video felt cathartic to them too.



"Peace in, peeps. Now I know you're not going to understand why I'm doing this," Marsha begins in the video. "This is Don Widener." In her hands, she has a large black box with a white label stuck on the front. Briefly, viewers can see that her late abuser's name is on the label. She continues, "His family don't want him. His brother doesn't want him around. His kids don't want him (actually, they want him to go in the gutter). He drove a garbage truck and picked up [trash] for businesses so we're sending him back to the landfill!" She then opens the box and pulls out a clear plastic bag holding his ashes.


Untying the bag, she says, "This is for all the turmoil and all the pain that he has caused my children, [me], and his parents." She affirms that this grand send-off is his final goodbye before pouring his ashes into the dumpster. "This little bit right here is for all the times he kicked me in the head," she narrates. "Yep, [he] put my head through a window." Needless to say, that sounds deeply traumatic enough but having to experience it must have been a different kind of hell. The dust from the ashes plume up into her face, so Marsha moves away from the dumpster only to drop the ashes in the dirt by mistake.


Instead of trying to do something about the ashes - and though she is somewhat upset about the fact that his ashes would forever remain in her yard - she begins stomping on them to really bid him farewell. At the end of the video, Marsha is rather happy about finally getting rid of him. To be honest, it was a release for just about anyone who watched the video. In the comments section, one person wrote, "Unfortunate that the ashes couldn't be dumped in hell directly. The landfill's the next best thing though." Another stated, "This may be the most hardcore thing I've ever seen in my life. [I'm] glad you were able to literally throw your abuser in the trash, I can't imagine how amazing that must have felt." Others said Marsha made them laugh and wished her well.


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