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Woman teaches co-passenger a fitting lesson for putting their bare feet on her armrest during flight

A flight passenger filmed an awkward moment when she found another passenger invading her privacy.

Woman teaches co-passenger a fitting lesson for putting their bare feet on her armrest during flight
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @ixamarpalumbo

There is no guarantee that traveling through flight can be a pleasant experience every time. One might face some peculiar miseries other than jetlags and lost baggage. Ixamar–who goes by @ixamarpalumbo on TikTok–found herself in an awkward and uncomfortable situation while she settled into her seat on a flight. She didn't hesitate to bring out her phone and ended up recording the whole incident where her personal space was clearly getting invaded by a stranger.

Image Source: TikTok | @ixamarpalumbo
Image Source: TikTok | @ixamarpalumbo

Ixamar first captured her own face, covered in a black face mask, as she was stuck in a frustrating situation. Then she tilted her camera just about enough to show a female passenger's bare feet with red painted toenails poking into her armrest from the back. The caption on her video read, "The lady's feet were on my armrest, occasionally poking me. So I gave her a little ice present." Then Ixamar moved on to execute her petty revenge on the fellow passenger who had possibly forgotten all sorts of flight etiquette.

Ixamar then took a piece of ice from her cup of soft drink as the overlay text read, "It was tiny but mighty." Then she placed the ice cube in front of the woman's feet on the armrest and the unruly passenger got an icy shock. It didn't take the passenger at the back to retract her feet into her own seating area. Since the trick worked, fellow TikTok users supported Ixamar in teaching the other lady a fitting lesson. Some others shared their annoyance by mentioning that the lady at the back could have booked a better flight or business class if she wanted her legroom so badly.

Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Orna
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Orna

@kat.800 suggested, "Use script: 'Excuse me, I don't think you realize, but your feet are in my space and it's bothering me.' You directly confront and can still be polite." @missnickerson recalled, "I had to repeatedly tell a Karen to move her feet on a flight before. I don’t understand people like this!" @user4718657690559 wrote, "Girl, I’m with you. Who is this person not being considerate? I would’ve done the same thing and or called her attention to remove her feet!" @tenflowers mentioned, "The airline got us fighting one another, but in reality, those seats are way too small and uncomfortable."

Image Source: TikTok | @coleebabyyy
Image Source: TikTok | @coleebabyyy

@faultycircuitry commented, "This the 2nd time in a week I've seen bare feet on planes and in people's spaces!" @jjllmmjjllmm added, "Sometimes it still blows my mind how inconsiderate people are. Like you’re on an airplane and adults forget how to be adults." As odd as it might sound, such encounters on flights have become common lately. u/86max86 on Reddit shared a similar encounter involving their father and a rude co-passenger back in the '80s on a flight. A rude passenger decided to remove his father's briefcase from the overhead compartment and shove his own carry-on luggage in its place, after which he walked back to his seat near the front of the plane.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Markus Winkler
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Markus Winkler

Taken aback by the stranger's behavior, the user's dad decided not to cause a scene. However, he had a plan to teach the passenger a lesson. He removed the guy’s carry-on from the overhead, put his own briefcase back and hit the flight attendant call button. When the attendant arrived to check on him, he asked to gate-check the carry-on, pretending it was his. The Reddit user further explained that gate-checked items are put down in the cargo hold with the rest of the checked baggage and need to be retrieved at baggage claim. He then got the gate check ticket for the briefcase, put it in the seat pocket in front of him and enjoyed his flight. By the time the dad deboarded the flight, the man had returned to get his carry-on and panicked when he realized it was missing.

You can follow Ixamar (@ixamarpalumbo) on TikTok for more videos on lifestyle and money.

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