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Woman talks about adults who hate kids as a part of their personality: 'You're mad for no reason'

She explains how bizarre it is to hate children for no reason when they are doing nothing but trying to exist and enjoy life.

Woman talks about adults who hate kids as a part of their personality: 'You're mad for no reason'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @superkeara

Many people have different opinions about children and aren’t necessarily on board with the idea that kids are adorable, heartwarming creatures. While many people dislike being around kids for their tantrums, impulsive behavior and more, others go one step ahead and make disliking kids their personality. A standup comedian Keara Sullivan—who goes by @superkeara on TikTok—shut down such people in her recent video, hilariously calling them out for hating the tiny tots and overlooking the sweet and mind-blowing memories and experiences they have to offer. “I feel like some people are going to disagree with me on this but I find it weird when some people make disliking kids such a huge part of their personality,” Sullivan said.

Image Source: TikTok|@superkeara
Image Source: TikTok | @superkeara

“It just feels like a weird group of people to have beef with, kind of perturbing,” Sullivan added. The comedian acknowledged the fact that not wanting to have a baby is alright and she pointed out that she wasn’t hinting at the type of people who don’t like babysitting badly behaved kids or get agitated when a kid throws tantrums or so. “I’m talking about the kind of people that say, 'I hate all children, even the sight of them fills me with contempt,’” she clarified. “You are beefing with the idea of a 7-year-old." She chuckled and said that being mad for children simply existing is weird.

Image Source: TikTok|@superkeara
Image Source: TikTok | @superkeara

She shared an example saying, “You’re mad for no reason. Like your boss got his 9-year-old kid to the office Christmas party and the kid’s talking about dinosaurs. If you don’t want to hear about dinosaurs, just walk away.” Sullivan pointed out that being an adult gives a person the leverage to outrun or exit a conversation with a kid if they don’t want to. “Some of us would like to hear more from little Charlie. Some of us would like to hear about dinosaurs,” Sullivan added. “You’re the one having the tantrum. Charlie, he’s unbothered."

Image Source: TikTok|@superkeara
Image Source: TikTok | @superkeara

Sullivan couldn’t stand the idea that adults force themselves to interact and stay in conversation with kids and be around them when they have the choice to leave, and then get mad at the kids. Looking at it that way, it is pretty unreal to hate on kids for just being themselves when an adult has more chances of escaping or leaving than the kid. People couldn’t help but agree with the comedian. Her points were much known but needed to be said out loud. @sierramarie0927 said, “I feel honored when a kid chooses to show or share something they’re excited about with me.” @egoegoegot said that it was almost stupid “when they complained about kids in McDonald’s or a park. What were you expecting?”

Image Source: TikTok|@superkeara
Image Source: TikTok | @superkeara

Other people did acknowledge that kids can be difficult to live with but are genuinely fun creatures on the whole. @gabrielastbr spoke for many while humorously saying, “I am proudly child-free but someone needs to make babies. They’re cute and funny, I just don't want them living with me.” @mosquitoposquito said, “I’d rather be asked what my fifth favorite Mario Kart character is than be asked about my career path.”

Image Source: TikTok|@paidion
Image Source: TikTok | @paidion


Straight up foaming at the mouth cause a 7 year old showed u a cool rock? Huh??

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