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Woman takes back wedding dress she promised to lend the bride after her wife doesn't get an invite

She didn't feel the need to honor her promise after the bride's homophobic parents threw a fit about inviting her wife.

Woman takes back wedding dress she promised to lend the bride after her wife doesn't get an invite
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Despite being the first milestone in what is hopefully a successful union, weddings are almost always a recipe for disaster. An infinite number of things could go seriously awry in the time between an engagement ring being pulled out and the couple exchanging their vows. Many of these disaster stories eventually end up on Reddit when people turn to the AITA forum seeking advice on whether their actions or reactions to some trigger were justified or a step too far. Reddit u/____notworthit35 had one such interesting tale to share when they penned a post with the title: "AITA for taking back my wedding dress after my SIL took back my invitation?"

"My sister-in-law (27) and I (29) are like sisters. We are both the same age, [have] same interests and hobbies, same style in fashion, makeup, etc. Her family (my brother's in-laws) are vicious people. They always comment on me and my wife and act as if we were less than [them.] We ignore them all the time and only see them on big occasions," they revealed. "My sister in law liked my wedding dress a lot and she asked to wear it for her wedding. I said 'Of course' and was thrilled I meant that much to her."

"I sent the dress to her and received the invitation to hers and my brother's wedding. I noticed my wife's name wasn't on the invitation. I called my sister-in-law to ask and she tells me her parents were giving her hell for inviting me and my wife because they don't like us for four 'obvious' reasons and after a lot of fighting, they agreed that I come alone since I'm the groom's sister but not bring my wife. She apologized profoundly saying she was hoping I'd understand because her parents are paying for the wedding," the Redditor continued. "She said they even messed with the entire guest list so I shouldn't take it personally. I said I won't come unless my wife comes."

u/____notworthit35 went on to reveal that their sister-in-law wasn't too happy about them standing up for their wife. "She got upset telling me to let it go but I refused and she ended up taking back the invitation saying she was sorry she just didn't want any drama at her wedding," they wrote. Since they were no longer invited to their brother's wedding, the Redditor didn't see the need to honor their promise to the bride. "I said fine no hard feelings and asked my brother to send my dress back to my place," they revealed.

"My sister-in-law was stunned after she found out I took the dress back. She came over crying begging me to let her have it since she's not the one with the budget and her parents told her to pay for her own wedding dress but she has no money. She said she loved my dress and promised to take care of it and return it but I refused," they wrote. "My parents got involved telling me to let her have it and reminded me of how strong our bond is but I said it clearly wasn't as strong as I thought it was because she let her parents exclude me and my wife from the wedding. I'm not mad, [it's] just that I don't want to give it to her after all that's happened."

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"Sister-in-law is mad and is clearly hoping I'd change my mind still since she kept texting me about it trying to pressure me into lending her my dress," the Redditor concluded. While they seemed to doubt whether they were in the wrong for taking the dress back after everything that happened, fellow Redditors were mostly of the opinion that they didn't have anything to be sorry about. "NTA. Your SIL is however a r/choosingbeggars," commented u/_its_only_forever. "Wtf else thinks they get to shit on your sexuality and marriage, and then feel entitled to one of the most personal symbols of that in your own wedding dress that you married your wife in???????"

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