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Woman takes a stand for herself when parents ask her to pay rent for her brother and his family

The brother and his family went into debt. When the sister agreed to share living space with them, she had no clue it was going to backfire.

Woman takes a stand for herself when parents ask her to pay rent for her brother and his family
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska; Reddit | u/Grand-Comb3714

With rising inflation, many people find it challenging to make ends meet. In such times, many families step up to help each other. But what would you do when your family starts stepping on your toes? It is exactly what happened with u/Grand-Comb3714. The woman shared how she had to take a stand for not paying her brother's half of the rent against her own mom. She explained, "I rented my parent's house after they retired and moved south. I paid slightly below the market rate. The plan was for me to save up and eventually buy the house at a great price."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Max Vakhtbovycn
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Max Vakhtbovycn

If her plan of buying the house were successful, the parents would give her brother his share of the estate. The woman's share was the subsidized rent and agreement, which worked for her. Everything was going well until her brother's wife got into debt and the family lost their home. The family needed help, so the mom asked her daughter if her brother's family could move in. The woman was fond of her brother and her nephews, so she agreed. The couple was also in the process of adopting two siblings, but it would take some time and her brother's situation was only temporary. Hence, she thought there was no harm in sharing space with one more family.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto

The woman and her husband also thought that paying half the rent would help them save faster for the downpayment and make covering expenses easier. The brother's family moved into her house in February. Therefore, the woman sent her mom her share of the rent. "My mom called to ask me where the rest was. I said I assumed that Brad was paying the other half. Nope. I had to pay all the rent. I asked why I had to pay for them to stay in my house. My mom said it wasn't my house yet and that I was being mouthy," the daughter revealed.

"I saw the writing on the wall. I paid the rent and started looking. We had a good amount saved up and we didn't need a big old house with lots of maintenance issues we had been handling," the woman wrote. She explained that the couple paid the full rent in April and moved out. The house they had selected was ready for possession. The couple had a good income and a 25% down payment for the new house. Though the new house had a smaller yard than her parents', it had a public park nearby, so the woman was okay with it. However, on May 1, her mom called and asked for the rent. The woman told her that they no longer lived at the place. She had previously told them that they were moving out.

"She said I was breaking our deal. I said that our deal never included me paying for my brother's living expenses. She said that they couldn't afford to cover the mortgage without my rent. I told her to get money from my brother. He was still working. She said he was trying to pay his debts. I said that his wife should get a job," she remarked. The mom said the daughter was mean to her parents and her brother. Currently, the woman is ignoring her family, but she wondered if she was wrong, so people took to the comments to express their opinion. 

u/HomyRespectfully wrote, "You didn't sign up to start supporting your brother and his whole family. And you were courteous when you paid the full rent and informed your mom you were moving out. Did your brother even say thank you for spotting his rent?" u/Illustrious-Kiwi5539 commented, "Once he moved in and they expected her to continue to pay full rent. I knew then they would give the house to him and no longer to her. Yeah, she's definitely not wrong. That lying double-dealing mother of hers definitely is though. Funny how she tells her daughter she backed out of a deal when nothing is in writing at all."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Fun-Statistician-550
Image Source: Reddit | u/Fun-Statistician-550
Image Source: Reddit | u/Ok_Play2364
Image Source: Reddit | u/Ok_Play2364

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