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Woman surprises people's loved ones by singing telegrams at homes and workplaces

She serenades people in their workplaces, homes and offices to sing songs and wish them on a special occasions.

Woman surprises people's loved ones by singing telegrams at homes and workplaces
Image Source: Instagram/Joy Brooker

The art of singing has propelled a woman from southeast Missouri to internet fame as she serenades strangers for a fee while also holding a full-time job. Jay Brooker can go to a loved one's office, school, or home and put on a musical and entertaining performance. She has gone viral on the internet and people are reaching out to her for these performances more than ever. She told KFVS, "I think I’m really happy I found something I enjoy doing that doesn’t feel like work and is a supplemental source of income, but also genuinely amusing to me and everybody else as well." 


Numerous videos posted on her TikTok account, @thejoybrookershow, showcase the priceless reactions of unsuspecting individuals who receive her impromptu musical performances. During Valentine's season, a video garnered over 35 million views on TikTok. With over 420,000 followers on the platform, Brooker's online popularity has surged, leading to an increase in demand for her services. As a result, she is currently busier than ever before. 



She said, "I was at work when it started happening. I posted it because I do these on my lunch break, cause I’m crazy, and I just got the notification that my video had reached a million views in an hour and I was like, ‘oh boy,’ haha, you know." According to Brooker, one day, she simply woke up with the desire to perform for others. Brooker said, "Yeah, I don’t even know how to make heads or tails of it. I mean, it was just one of those like moments where I had a light bulb come on and was like this makes so much sense for my personality."



In one of her latest videos, she enters an office where a meeting is going on and says, "Is there a Craig in here?" When she recognizes him, she yells, "Happy Birthday! I have a singing telegram from your wife." She hands the balloon to a man and starts singing, "You're too sexy for this job! You're too sexy for your hair that's why it is not there." She told Good Morning America that his wife reached out to her on Facebook and told her that he is turning 50. Brooker said, "I thought I was just going to be singing to Craig. Turns out I was very wrong." Craig absolutely loved her surprise and his wife called her performance "the gift that keeps on giving." 

Brooker added, "Every husband who has this done to them, their wives will message me months later and be like, 'I just want you to know that everyday somebody says something to him.'" She said that even if the people she surprises are embarrassed they know that "it's all in good fun and that the people seeing it aren't going to be pointing fun, laughing and making fun of them." Rather, it will be their friends, family and co-workers who are going to "give them a hard time playfully, and it's all done of love and goodwill, truly."

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