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Woman surprises her Greek boyfriend by speaking in his native language and his reaction is priceless

This woman surprised her boyfriend after she learned his native language, Greek, and held a conversation with him in it.

Woman surprises her Greek boyfriend by speaking in his native language and his reaction is priceless
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @kateplus8ft

We all make efforts to make our loved ones feel special. From buying flowers to making lunches, we do it all. In a video uploaded on TikTok, a woman surprises her Greek boyfriend by talking to him in his native language. The video was uploaded by Kate (@kateplus8ft). In the first few seconds of the video, the woman says, "My boyfriend knows that I have been trying to learn Greek, but he does not know how hard I have been going." Then she goes on to say, "Hey baby" in Greek. At this moment, we see that her boyfriend is surprised, but he replies back in Greek.

Image Source: TikTok | @kateplusft
Image Source: TikTok | @kateplus8ft


The video subtitle reads, "wtf is going on" to express his astonishment. And then she says, "good" in Greek, and at this moment, he is shocked as to how she knows these words in Greek. And when she continues to talk in Greek, he says, "What is going on" and she says, "Mother's Day is Sunday" in Greek. At this moment, her boyfriend realizes and says, "Nooo, you have been practicing." And she says, "I know." Then, they continue to talk in Greek, "did you get her a gift?" she asks in continuation of the conversation on Mother's Day. He looks shocked and cannot even keep his balance while standing. She captioned the video, "I'm working on my pronunciation, I promise."

Image Source: TikTok | @kateplus8ft
Image Source: TikTok | @kateplus8ft


This video is full of surprises, love, and warmth, for this reason, it has amassed 15.3 million views, 3.9 million likes, and 13 thousand comments on TikTok. One TikTok user, @Alondra Shreve, commented, "This is so nice. The effort you put into your relationship is beautiful." @Bekah Erekson commented, "This man knows you will never leave him because you went out and learned a whole new language for him." @Deborah Rayne wrote, "He's shoooook. Well played." @Wes Watson wrote, "That look he gave you is the look of pure love. You made him feel so loved with that and it's awesome to see."

This viral video went beyond TikTok when a Reddit user, u/mindyour uploaded this on the platform. The video received 115K likes and 2K comments. u/PassageEastern wrote, "I personally love the “f**k all y’all” dishtowel." u/beltalowda_oye said, "I always thought this was a dumb gift/surprise idea but this dude's reaction just sold me and proved I'm stupid af."

Image Source: Reddit | u/nemoomen
Image Source: Reddit | u/nemoomen


u/Azurescensz wrote, "My boyfriend is Greek and this really makes me want to start learning Greek to surprise him, we want to start taking classes together when we can afford it." One Reddit user also explained why this surprise was so special, "Learning an entirely new language just to speak to someone you love in their mother tongue shows a great deal of commitment and effort."

Image Source: Reddit | u/sbowesuk
Image Source: Reddit | u/sbowesuk


While there are many love languages in the world, this video proves that when we go all out to show our love to dear ones, it is touching and heartwarming, which becomes the best experience ever for them!

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