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Woman surprises 76-year-old granddad by publishing his first book and his reaction is wholesome

The grandpa had always wanted to publish his book but couldn't before due to 'poverty.' So, his granddaughter decided to fulfill his wish .

Woman surprises 76-year-old granddad by publishing his first book and his reaction is wholesome
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @sophiamarislove

Many famous poems and writings that we read now were written years ago by authors who probably weren't even aware of the impact their work would have on many people in the future. History would have been different if renowned poets or writers had not gotten their work published. Presumably, keeping this in mind, a woman gifted her grandfather a present he would always cherish. She surprised him with his own work, but published and accessible to many, @sophiamarislove posted a sweet video clip on TikTok showing his granddad's adorable emotional reaction to the surprise. 

Image Source: TikTok | @sophiamarislove
Image Source: TikTok | @sophiamarislove


She explained in the caption, "My grandpa told me he'd always wanted to publish but never got the chance due to poverty. I found out that you could publish for free on Amazon and published it for him. He was so happy." The video garnered 705 views, but hopefully, the book garnered more readers. The overlay text read, "Grandad finally gets published after 50 years!" In the clip, the grandfather is seen sitting on the sofa when his granddaughter hands him a book. He looks through it randomly and asks, "Where did you get this?" to which, she replies, "I had Mama send them to me and then I published it." "You wrote it?" he asks. Those words are written by him, she clarifies. "Oh, is it? Thank you. This is so sweet. Let me put my glasses on. You put this together for me," he says while putting on his glasses. As he reads through it, he is reaffirmed by his daughter, "You're now a published author, Dad. People can buy your book on Amazon."

Image Source: TikTok | @sophiamarislove
Image Source: TikTok | @sophiamarislove


He starts tearing up a bit while reading and asks, "Did you like my poems?" to which he receives a clear "Yes!" He jokes, "I can get profits for this?" to which he is told that he will receive 70 percent of it. He struggles to get up, but as he does, he goes and hugs his granddaughter tightly. "Thank you, baby. I love you," he expresses. As he cries in disbelief, he says, "I can't stop crying" and returns to reading his published book. The poster shared in the comments that the book's title is "Musings of a Younger Man." People in the comments section were filled with warmth and love for the elderly. "Crying my eyes out," wrote @person39711. "Sweet," added @theresaciaravino.

The video was also shared by u/potterhead1776 on Reddit, which was captioned, "Grandad published at 76 years old! He grew up super poor and never had the chance for college or to pursue writing since he had to go straight into the workforce - felt so awesome to finally be able to give him something when he's sacrificed so much for us." "What a special and generous thing to do! Good job! It means the world when people pay attention to your creations!" added u/Slevgrared. The post on Reddit has now been deleted. 

The grandfather's heartwarming reaction made the day of users who watched the clip on social media. 

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