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Woman with sick husband and son, shocked at “cheapest” health insurance plans before them

Lori said her husband was facing certain death given the rising costs of healthcare in the United States.

Woman with sick husband and son, shocked at “cheapest” health insurance plans before them
Image Source: Twitter

Health insurance and pharmaceutical companies make a killing at the expense of Americans, often burdening them with medicals bills they can't afford. The inhumane healthcare system was laid bare once again as a Twitter user Lori (@iCounterSpin) posted about the unaffordable healthcare options before her, as her husband fights to stay alive. Lori posted screenshots of the healthcare plans she was forced to choose from, with the caption: I’m in tears. My husband is so sick, our debt costs more than we make each month and here’s the best (cheapest) plan available to me to keep my husband alive this coming year. There is no way I can afford this. No way. 




Lori was shocked by the options she had, tweeting: $18,600 a year premium with a $13,000 deductible. Are you freaking kidding me??? She also went on to reveal that one of her sons was also sick but she couldn't afford healthcare for both of them. She was forced to make a choice between including her son or her husband in the healthcare plan. "One of my sons is also sick. But not as sick as my husband. Maybe if I just leave the two of them on the app and remove my other two kids and myself it will be better," said the heartbroken mother. 




A Twitter user empathized with her on the social media platform: $16,300 out of pocket maximum. That’s the real kicker. So basically you’d be spending $29,600 out of your pocket BEFORE the insurance pays even a single penny. So committing to pay $29,600 a year just so you can say you have health insurance. #Choices. Another user didn't hesitate to point fingers at the healthcare industry, tweeting: This is a travesty. I’m so sorry that our government is controlled by corporations. Lots of love. One day we will get Medicare for all. Sarah Korks of New Zealand was shocked at the cost of healthcare: These costs baffles me!! Why do Americans pay so much?? In Australia my cover costs me $60/month, I get a tax deduction based on my income (less the more I earn) and my out of pocket expense is never more than $500 for medical treatment.




A recent video of Brits' shocked reactions to the medical costs of various medical procedures and amenities in America, summed up the US healthcare industry perfectly. The staggering costs of medical care in the US made an English woman comment, "So If you're poor, you're dead." Nothing could sum up the capitalistic system in America better. Not to mention Republicans constantly labeling affordable healthcare plans by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren "radical." Attempting to make healthcare if radical and yet Congress showed no hesitation in bailing out banks following the financial crash in 2008 with public money. Socialism, it appears, is only applicable to the rich.




The rising insulin price in America is the perfect reflection of a capitalistic system that's veering towards oligarchy and monopoly. A vial of insulin in the United States costs $320 while the same medication by a different company costs just $30 in Canada, according to a report by Reuters.













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