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Woman 'shoots her shot' with mystery man on flight. Thousands are rooting for their love story now.

A little courage is all it takes to land a date with a cute stranger and this woman did just that by passing a note on a napkin to a fellow passenger.

Woman 'shoots her shot' with mystery man on flight. Thousands are rooting for their love story now.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @nataliebonbon

Most of us might have encountered cute strangers at airports or on our flights, but we hardly pluck up some courage to ask them out on a date. As a result, we never end up crossing paths with those gorgeous strangers again. But @nataliebonbon on TikTok decided to 'shoot her shot' at someone sitting in the row in front of her while both of them were traveling with Southwest Airlines. Natalie thought she would be a fool to miss this chance with the attractive man and she passed him a note jotted on a napkin, hoping to land a date with him.

Image Source: TikTok | @nataliebonbon
Image Source: TikTok | @nataliebonbon


The strategy worked in her favor as the man turned around to strike up a conversation with Natalie. The note on the napkin read: "If you're single/interested, text me sometime." She added her number at the bottom, along with a smiling emoji. Natalie was in luck as the cute stranger was single and interested to chat with her. She shared the video of her encounter with the stranger to the TikTok community and it went viral with 3 million views and counting. In the video, Natalie added some overlay texts to express her thoughts while trying to woo the stranger whose identity she kept private.

"Really cute guy sitting in front of me on my flight decided to shoot my shot," the overlay text of her video read as she crushed on the guy while blushing hard. "Freaking out because he turned around and introduced himself," she added. Natalie also shared a screenshot of a text exchange between them where the stranger wrote it was nice to meet her and he was single and interested. She made a couple more follow-up videos of this sweet encounter as her followers on the platform demanded an update.

Image Source: TikTok | @nataliebonbon
Image Source: TikTok | @nataliebonbon


In the caption of one of her videos, Natalie clarified she made her move towards the end of the flight to avoid making the rest of the journey awkward in case she got rejected. The viral video captured the attention of Southwest Airlines' official TikTok account and they commented: "As the love airline, we're now invested!" In yet another video, the San Diego resident updated her followers about how the man texted her asking if she was down for date night. It turned out that she lived just 20-30 minutes apart from the attractive stranger and their date ended up going "really well."

"He offered to pick me up, but he's a complete stranger, so I have this rule that I'm not going to get in a car with a complete stranger who I'm going on a date with – but that was brownie points!" she said in one of her follow-up videos. "So we meet there and he took me to Korean barbeque, and I've never had Korean barbeque before. Then we went to this little ice cream place and had ice cream and it was really good." The pair joked about her bold move to approach the man and he replied: "Forget dating apps, I'm just going to go on a Southwest plane and look for a cute girl with a napkin if this doesn't work out!"

Image Source: TikTok | @nataliebonbon
Image Source: TikTok | @nataliebonbon


"At the end of the date, he walked me to my car and opened my door, very sweet. And that's just about it," Natalie concluded. Natalie also urged others to do the same if they are single and looking forward to landing a date with someone who caught their attention. She also promised her followers that she would update them about any future dates with the same guy if she ended up going to them.

Her followers eagerly waiting for the progression of this potential romance flooded the comment section with their good wishes and opinions. @Neiacub44 joked: "This is a hallmark movie in the making." @beautifulcrookedsmile cheered and wrote: "I love this story! I’m in San Diego too and I totally shot my shot with my husband! I’m all for the woman going for what she wants! Catch flights & feelings." Sure enough, we will stay tuned for Natalie's updates as well.

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