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Woman shares unexpected things she realized about motherhood after having children

There are a lot of misconceptions about motherhood that a woman only realizes when she goes through it for herself.

Woman shares unexpected things she realized about motherhood after having children
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @seriouslynaturalsabrina

Parenting is difficult and it is an even more challenging task for women. They usually take up the responsibility of fulfilling their children's needs, from food to clothes. So, it is obvious that when mothers have their first child, their life changes drastically. Sabrina Perkins—who goes by @seriouslynaturalsabrina on TikTok—responds to a stitch and says, "I stitched this particular part because I remember after I had my daughter, my oldest, I remember I finally got her home, I was excited and happy and I remember I had to go to just the gas station for something.", who posted the original video, had said, "Speaking of the grocery store, I don't wanna have to think about picking up somebody, packing up all their sh*t in addition to all of my sh*t, only to go to the grocery store and have it take two times as long."

Image Source: TikTok | @seriouslynaturalsabrina
Image Source: TikTok | @seriouslynaturalsabrina

The mom then spoke about her experience of going to the gas station to pick up something. "Something small and minor," shared the woman. "And that's when I realized I could no longer just pack my sh*t and like I realized I can't just pick her up and go." She added that she had to get everything from the carrier to the car seat. "Like I had to get all this sh*t and that's when I realized I'm responsible for somebody else and I'm a mother," Perkins shared.

She said that it was the first time she had this realization. "When I was dealing with everything before then, it didn't dawn on me that I was a mother. Until I had to leave my place just to run a 5-minute run" and she had to take all her things with her. "If you are not ready or if you don't want that responsibility, don't do it because she couldn't have said truer words," concluded the mother.

Image Source: TikTok | @seriouslynaturalsabrina
Image Source: TikTok | @seriouslynaturalsabrina

People on the platform completely resonated with her experience. @Vickyisbomb commented, "My momma told me don't have a baby unless I want one. Not for boyfriend, husband or family member. ME." @sarabambeech expressed, "Another huge issue with parenting today is the diminishing support system of a community to help out." @morganbrown108 said, "Single mom here, my daughter is now 17 and can drive. Realizing how much of my time I've gotten back has been legitimately life-changing."

Image Source:TikTok | @seriouslynaturalsabrina
Image Source:TikTok | @seriouslynaturalsabrina

@ms_patton_ shared, "My daughter is 12 now, but when I see women out and about with babies, I'm like, I did that. Never again." @2cozyj commented, "I think about this a lot every time I try and visualize myself with kids. I'm very selfish with my time and love my alone time." The responses to the video clearly show how challenging motherhood can get for women, but on the contrary, it also shows how much moms are ready to sacrifice just to raise their children.

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