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Woman shares the ingenious hack she uses to prevent food in her household from going to waste

Kristen West shares the hack that she has applied to manage her refrigerator in such a way that no food goes to waste.

Woman shares the ingenious hack she uses to prevent food in her household from going to waste
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @thecenteredlifeco

Managing a home as an adult is a different ballgame. It is something people like Kristen West–who goes by @thecenteredlifeco on Instagram–have to deal with daily. In a recent video, West has shown ways people, especially those with ADHD, can save themselves from the predicament of fresh produce going to waste with a smart organization hack. This hack focuses on increasing the visibility of these products to increase their chances of being consumed.

Image Source: Instagram/@thecenteredlifeco
Image Source: Instagram | @thecenteredlifeco

West opens the video with a commonly seen problem many individuals suffer in their quest to save food. She states, "If I don't see the food, I forget that it exists." After that, she gives her followers an ADHD-friendly fridge tour. People often buy food from the market with good intentions, but somehow, it slips their minds to consume it before it goes bad. Besides, they have so many things on their plate that it is easy to forget about the fruit they brought or the vegetable they wanted to cook.

Image Source: Instagram/@thecenteredlifeco
Image Source: Instagram | @thecenteredlifeco

West explains why this organization hack worked for her. She begins by sharing, "So, my husband and I both have ADHD and after four years of wasting fruits and veggies because we forgot about them, we have figured out a system that helps." In her caption, she states how after stumbling upon this hack from another creator, their lives have changed for the better. The simple mantra is, "If we can't see the thing, it might as well be in another dimension."

The couple keeps things that perish or expire quickly in an easily visible location so they can see them all the time and make a mental note to use them. Meanwhile, items that have more shelf life go in the back. She explains, "So our fresh produce now lives in the door of the fridge, (which is nice because when you see it, you want to snack on it). And then, leftovers and other perishables stuff sit towards the front of the fridge."

Image Source: Instagram/@marissapatry
Image Source: Instagram | @marissapatry

This move would ensure that they are able to see these things every time they open the fridge and incorporate them into items they are preparing. It is also the first thing that is in the reach of people when they want to grab a quick bite. The couple placed their condiments on a lazy Susan in the back and kept nothing in the drawers because as West puts it, "that's where things go to die."

Image Source: Instagram/@positivelychristie
Image Source: Instagram | @positivelychristie

West's video has gone viral, garnering 9.6 million views and 884k likes so far. The comment section loved her ingenious hack. @booked.on.phonics agreed with all the points and wrote how they deal with the drawer situation, "I want a fridge that is all shelves and no drawers." @abracamanda shared what they do to prevent food in their house from going to waste: "Team drawers are where food goes to die and so we've kept beer or other long-life beverages in those drawers and they would last way longer than normal in there."

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