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Woman shares a real-life Hallmark movie moment with a stranger and people are rooting for love

It is a perfect Christmas romcom and people on Twitter are developing it further with different scenarios.

Woman shares a real-life Hallmark movie moment with a stranger and people are rooting for love
Image Source: Getty Images/Anastasiia Krivenok

Christmas is approaching and it means that we all are ready with our festive sweaters and all-time favorite romantic movies lined up for some cozy days on the couch. While we vicariously live through the characters on screen, one woman has found herself in a real-life rom-com. Shyla Watson, a Los Angeles-based journalist who covers literature and strategy, recently shared a romantic encounter she had with a handsome stranger in a viral Twitter thread that has gained more than 71k likes and thousands of retweets. People online are swooning over this pre-Christmas tale. 


Watson revealed that the meet cute occurred while she was trying to take her Christmas tree off the roof of her car. Everything seemed normal until a stranger called out offering to help. As soon as Watson turned her head she said she noticed "a handsome, shirtless, tattooed stranger" stepping in to help her take the tree off. It didn't stop there as the stranger went on to carry "it across the street and up the front steps," of her apartment. Watson continued, "I thank him profusely. He says it’s just his small-town manners. He's my small-town y'all. This is my hallmark moment." 

Twitter users went crazy for this straight-out-of-a-movie moment and several of them wanted to hear more. Many people asked Watson if she managed to get his number to which she replied, "I didn’t get his name or number but in my defense, I was very frazzled!! It's not every day a hot shirtless guy comes to your Christmas rescue but I'm pretty sure he lives across the street so waiting for a Xmas miracle." 

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

After hearing this, people flooded the comments with advice on what she should do next in her real-life Hallmark movie experience. A Twitter user suggested, "It’s good that you didn’t get his number [because] they never do in the first scenes. Please frequent your local cafe, join a local cause/protest, go Christmas shopping on a busy weekend and walk around unaware of your surroundings for optimal results." Another user added, "You should walk a dog around the neighborhood several times a day." 


One even went ahead to develop this story further, writing: "Hear me out: during the first snow, walk [with] a mug of cocoa in hand, to the front porch. You gaze at the miracle of snow. You're distracted by movement across the street. He too is mesmerized by the snow. Your eyes lock. There's a softness in his eyes. He waves & walks your way." Another added, "You need to get another bulky thing in your car and struggle to get it out, so he'll appear again and say 'We need to stop meeting like this.'"


A Twitter user shared another scenario, "Don't worry, you'll see him again. There will be a Christmas block party and you'll both show up in the same ugly sweater. You'll be too shy to talk but then, at the exact same moment, you'll both be under the mistletoe. Start saving for the wedding!"

"Plan on having Christmas alone, with the world's smallest turkey. On Christmas Eve, you'll meet that guy at the all-night grocer [because] both of you forgot cranberries. You'll laugh & laugh, catch on to what is happening, and Christmas magic will bring your tale to a very happy ending," shared another

No one really knows how this romantic Christmas encounter will turn out but it is extremely satisfying to watch somebody living all our dreams.

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