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Woman reveals fastest hack to receive passport and other government documents and it works

Her tried and tested hack got her, her passport within three days amidst nationwide delay in passport shipping.

Woman reveals fastest hack to receive passport and other government documents and it works
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @thecringeysingingteacher

Going on an international trip gets us excited, but what counters this excitement is the anticipation of those delayed passports and other documents. Sometimes, it is delayed to the extent that we would rather cancel our trip. But not this summer. This summer, you might be able to travel as per your schedule if you follow this TikTok user's hack to get your passport and other government documents faster. Jade Thomas (@thecringeysingingteacher) suggests a tip that involves contacting your state senator. Her amazing tip has gained over 722.5k views and 89.2k likes on TikTok. "When your passport finally comes 3 days after emailing the state senator," the text in the video read. 

Image Source: TikTok | @thecringeysingingteacher
Image Source: TikTok | @thecringeysingingteacher


Thomas, who lives in Georgia, shares another video, explaining what she put in the email to get her passport quickly. "Send all of your screenshots of your receipts, your travel plans, and your locator number that they give you on the passport website," she said. "I emailed them on Thursday and I had my passport in my hand the following Tuesday." Thomas mentioned that one of her friends used this method and received her passport on a Thursday after sending an email the previous Monday. Many people on TikTok were taken aback by this tactic. Moreover, several people confirmed it, including some claiming to work for the government.

Image Source: TikTok | @thecringeysingingteacher
Image Source: TikTok | @thecringeysingingteacher


"Call your congressperson ASAP, yall! I called on a Tuesday and had it by Friday via overnight shipping," shared @orinoire. "Just wanna confirm this WORKS!!! emailed them about my ebt that I haven't had for two months on Sunday, got my ebt back today on Thursday!!" commented @kirajazell. "Working for the govt, I learned that senator requests are pushed to top priority. kudos to him, his office is being run efficiently!" reinforced @hereforlikesandlaughs. "Not just passports y'all…if you're having trouble with state refunds, scholarships, unemployment benefits etc," added @nuraaaa0

It is observed that there is a nationwide delay in shipping out passports. According to CNBC, the demand for passports is extremely high, which has caused the entire process to take up to four months. While there is an option to expedite the process for an additional fee, even those individuals are experiencing longer response times. It also applies to people whose passports are about to expire. A few countries will not accept American passports that expire within six months, reported In The Know. Despite expectations that demand will eventually fall, passports are currently difficult to obtain quickly unless we use Thomas' way of speeding up the process and getting lucky.


If you do end up receiving your passport, you could take some inspiration from Baba Lena Erkhova, who passed away in 2019 but devoted the last few years of her life to learning about the world around her. She was from Krasnoyarsk in central Russia and rose to fame in 2016. Her world tour began on her 83rd birthday when her friends encouraged her to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. She soon crossed off all of her dream destinations from her long list. 

Her close friends took her to a travel agency and got her a passport for her 83rd birthday, which she celebrated almost a decade ago. Then she was sent on her first adventure, which would not be her last. After her first trip, she rode a camel in Jordan, drank cocktails on the beach, tried new flavors in Thailand, swam on islands, and made a lot of new travel friends. Despite her cancer diagnosis, she did not abandon her desire to travel.

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