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Woman shares how her husband explained why 'marriage is hard' in his heartwarming wedding vows

This woman is reading out the beautiful wedding vows her husband wrote for her and it's all about finding the right person to love who is worth your efforts.

Woman shares how her husband explained why 'marriage is hard' in his heartwarming wedding vows
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @cullinmcgree

Marriage can hold a different significance for everyone. Some might look at it as a commitment for a lifetime whereas others might find difficulties in certain aspects of a marriage. People on the internet have diverse definitions of marriage that stem from their personal experiences. Caitlin McGee—who goes by @cullinmcgree on TikTok—stitched her video with another content creator's video to respond to a burning question: "What do you mean by marriage is hard?" She offered her explanation for it by looking back at the wedding vows written by her husband.

Image Source: TikTok | @cullinmcgree
Image Source: TikTok | @cullinmcgree

McGee claims that she and her husband had a chat on this topic long before they tied the knot. She opened up about her negative point of view towards a relationship due to experiences with some previous toxic partners and how content on social media regarding this topic influenced her outlook toward marriage to an extent. However, Mcgee's views have changed and she has observed how "recent generations tend to treat marriage differently than past generations" including our parents and grandparents.

"We cohabitate a lot longer," McGee said. "Some people who say that marriage is hard, honestly just didn't live together first. But to properly answer this question in my husband's words because I like how he puts words together, I am going to steal from his vows. 'I didn't sit back and take inventory of your qualities and say, This one ticks all the boxes. Done. I was drawn to you and profoundly lucky that you were drawn to me and we started something that we still work on every day.'" Her husband noted that with time, their marriage will get "deeper and wrinklier."

Image Source: TikTok | @cullinmcgree
Image Source: TikTok | @cullinmcgree

"It's the most important work of my life. Our partnership," McGee read from her husband's vows. Her husband admitted that marriage takes a lot of "work" to sustain but despite that, he is still in love with her. "This kitchen dancing, ABBA humming, tie-dye party-throwing camp counselor that I get to spend my life with," she reads out from the vows. Her husband compares his contribution to marriage to the "work of artists talking about paintings as vitals and prioritizing it and calls it the most important work of his life." She emotionally moves ahead with the written vows and remarks that most of the time people think that putting effort or work into a relationship is a bad thing. People often expect their relationship to flow smoothly if they are truly meant for one another.

"It doesn't mean that it's difficult, hard, it means that it's challenging, hard — because life is challenging," McGee remarked. "But the person that you marry should make all of life a little bit easier." She continues by saying that if one marries someone who is good and who "cares about your heart" then the marriage won't be difficult and putting effort into it won't feel pointless. "Don't marry some bozo. Marry a good person. I hope that answers your question," McGee concludes while wiping her tears. People in the comments section shared their opinions on the topic and applauded McGee for her opinion.

Image Source: TikTok | @laurenzima
Image Source: TikTok | @laurenzima

@.beautt wrote: "I’m literally a wedding officiant. Those are some of the most beautiful vows I’ve heard." @tdubz commented: "If my husband read those vows at our wedding I would have to cancel the rest of the event because I'll be sobbing." @cin_city_ praised: "Literally how do people come up with vows like this? You’re so lucky and he sounds like he is too." @trashley997 quipped: "Cohabitating before marriage is the BEST thing for a relationship and you can’t convince me otherwise." @fathead_bbg added: "The whole point of love is finding someone who you WANT to make effort for. People want everything effortlessly and to me that proves nothing."

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