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Woman shares how her company tried and hilariously failed to get rid of her: 'Really funny to watch'

The determined woman faced her furious boss head-on, refusing to yield in her courageous stand against workplace bullying.

Woman shares how her company tried and hilariously failed to get rid of her: 'Really funny to watch'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Liza Summer, Reddit | doxeaxx1

Corporations can be very apathetic to employees. In today's harsh work climate, there are countless accounts of employees being harassed mentally at many companies. A Reddit user, u/doxeaxx1, in Germany, shared their story of how her company desperately tried to get rid of her by bullying her at work.

She starts her post by saying that she has worked at the company for two years and still has the title of "Junior" despite being tasked with "senior work." The author then states that she only got a salary increment of 50 cents after having worked there for so long. Amidst these problems, she overheard her boss talking about "actively" trying to push her out of the company.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

However, she knew quite well that they cannot fire her because she has finished her probation period which she refers to as "Unbefristet." For the company to fire her, it must prove that she jeopardized the company or was sick for more than 30% of her working days. But even on these grounds, she is entitled to a three months notice period and provided compensation for paid vacation days. Evidently desperate to get the employee to quit of her own accord, her boss tried to give her work she dislikes because they would not have to pay her any compensation if she left.

Despite their repeated attempts, the employee took a stand and decided not to be affected by their bullying tactics, aggravating her employers even further. "I am doing my job and not engaging with them and their bullying tactics and it makes them furious," she wrote. "Honesty at this point it is actually realllly funny to watch. I have a 'meeting' on Monday with my boss's boss, so I am kinda excited [about] what he will talk to me about. Also, I already informed the Union. Oh and I already have a job lined up, it doesn't start till December. I just wanna see how much I can anger them. I love Germany."

The author then updated the post detailing what happened in the meeting with her boss. "I took someone with me on the call. I just forwarded the link to them and BOOM! Head of the union entered the call haha and these idiots wrote in the meeting chat: 'Hey, did you know the union is joining?!?' I seriously had to try my hardest to conceal my smile. I even shut off the camera for a second," she shared.

She then revealed that the employer started off by saying that her work was not "sufficient." Hearing this, the Head of the Union asked for evidence to back the same, but the employer did not have any. Seeing that they had no concrete evidence to fire her, they asked her if she would like to continue working at the company or if she would like to leave because she "looked sad." The employer continued by trying to get her to sign an "Aufhebungsvertrag," which was essentially a contract that absolved both parties of their duties. In this context, it meant the author would not have to provide a notice for her dismissal and her employer would not have to give her severance pay.

Image Source: Reddit/Mean-Yesterday3755
Image Source: Reddit/Mean-Yesterday3755


Image Source: Reddit/New-Second-1103
Image Source: Reddit/New-Second-1103

Before the author got a chance to reply, the Head of the Union said, "No." The author shared that she attempted to understand why her employer wanted to fire her and asked them about it, to which they said: "We don't think your performance is comparable to the other team members," which is not a very good answer.

The employer ultimately decided to shift the author to a new team and the author has privately chosen to put in her four weeks' notice on November 1. Users on the platform loved the story. u/Adrian_FCD commented, "Gotta love the European firing rules; you guys can't seem to get fired, LOL."

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