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Woman shares how being a 'job hopper' helped her self-esteem: 'Will not clock in to be yelled at'

She shares how she has no qualms about leaving her old company when they disrespect or make her uncomfortable.

Woman shares how being a 'job hopper' helped her self-esteem: 'Will not clock in to be yelled at'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @sasssquashh

The present generation moves differently in terms of their work compared to their past counterpart. For them, work is a means to lead a better life, not their entire life. They refuse to compromise on the quality of their life to keep a job. As per a study published by Harvard Business Review, respect is the crucial leadership behavior employees look for in an establishment. They want to feel valued and refuse to walk around eggshells while going about their day. A woman—who goes by @sasssquashh on TikTok—lives by this rule and describes herself as a "job hopper." For her, respect is non-negotiable at a workplace and she would choose to switch to other jobs rather than suffer in her present conditions.

Image Source: TikTok/@sasssquashh
Image Source: TikTok | @sasssquashh

The video features her coming back from a job orientation. She has decided to take up this new role and is going to her old workplace to give a "week's notice." She explains, "The schedule only goes out a week, so I only have to give that notice." In between everything, she called her friend to give her the good news. Her reaction was surprising. The friend said to her, "I have never met someone who changes jobs as much as you." It got her thinking and she realized that she is a "job-hopper" and has no qualms about it.

Image Source: TikTok/@sasssquashh
Image Source: TikTok | @sasssquashh

The woman says, "At the first sign of disrespect, I'm looking for a new job and the moment that I find a job that pays equally or more, I'm out." In one of her replies, she shared how the people in her present workplace made racially motivated jokes about her hair. That was her cue to leave the place. She understands that her company is not looking after her well-being and is only interested in profit, therefore, she also does not allow them to walk over her.

"I'm an adult, I pay taxes and I will not clock in every day to be yelled at by other adults," she added. The companies don't go the "extra mile" for her, so she doesn't go the "extra mile" for them. Moreover, she knows there is demand in her sector and can easily get a better-paying job if she wants. Then, what's holding her back is certainly not the invisible concern shown by her present employers.

Image Source: TikTok/@me.sa69
Image Source: TikTok | @me.sa69
Image Source: TikTok/@goofyjamz
Image Source: TikTok | @goofyjamz

The comment section understood her point and appreciated how she unabashedly prioritizes herself. @_brii_anna_ backed the employee up and wrote, "Anyone that stays at a job they always complain about and how crap their pay is and stays??!…its absurd. Find a new job or be quiet." @blue_jay14 agreed with the woman and commented, "People don't seem to understand that respect goes a long way. I'm the same way. How dare the younger generation demand respect? SMH" @kristiansilva1 shared how job hopping is going for her and wrote, "Facts! I went from $17 an hour to $32 an hour. Job hopping 3 jobs in 3 years love it!" 

You can follow @sasssquashh on TikTok to follow her job-hopping adventures.

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