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Woman explains how a simple act of kindness from her husband is what true love is all about

She opened up about how her husband learned to make one of her favorite snacks from scratch, just for her.

Woman explains how a simple act of kindness from her husband is what true love is all about
Cover Image Source: Instagram / Katie Cloyd

We've all heard it, but it's true: it's the little things that count. In every true long-term loving relationship, we place a higher romantic value on tiny acts that demonstrate proof of love beyond the limited time spent in intercourse. There are individuals who specialize in one-time spectacular romantic gestures, such as presenting jewels or whisking their sweetheart away on an expensive dinner at a beautiful restaurant. However, those behaviors mostly communicate a fleeting feeling rather than long-lasting, meaningful affection. Nevertheless, Katie Cloyd shared a post on Instagram in 2020 talking about how "sometimes love is a chicken cutlet."

She writes, "A couple years ago, my husband and I were playing some kind of silly couples trivia game, and he asked my favorite food in the world. My answer was chicken cutlets. No fancy sauce necessary. Just a really thin, crispy cutlet fried in olive oil. It’s delicious to me."

Moreover, spending time with your loved one, doing the beautiful little things that happy couples do, is the greatest gift you can offer to someone you care about. And, Cloyd and her husband did exactly that. The post further read, "He asked why I didn’t make them more often if I loved them so much, and I said it was because breading and frying is the one part of cooking I hate. It’s messy. It takes forever. I just don’t like it. So, he asked me to teach him. He practiced until his cutlets were perfect." She added, talking about how many flops some of the cutlets were but her husband was all determined to get it right. 



She continued saying, "It took time. Some were too thick. Others, too salty. His oil was too cold. Too hot. There were lots of flops. Eventually, he figured out his own perfect system, and now there is no cutlet on earth more delicious than his. Once in a while when I’m overwhelmed or the kids have needed me a little extra that day, or I’m just having a tough time, he gets out the flour, eggs and bread crumbs, and he painstakingly trims, slices and pounds the chicken. He makes me the most delicious cutlets with a sprinkle of fresh Parmesan cheese." If you and your partner don't have many interests, cooking is something you can both do, improve at, and maybe even teach one other. It may also become a unique and intimate experience.

Cloyd concluded by saying, "Sometimes love is a diamond ring, a wedding, a passionate kiss. Sometimes love is a shared struggle, an unlikely victory, an unconditional partnership. And sometimes love is a chicken cutlet." Apart from the chicken cutlet summoning her inner poetess, what she has said is extremely true. A weekly or monthly routine that both you and your spouse can look forward to maybe having a special at-home date night when the two of you prepare dinner together. Having that particular time to anticipate contributes to maintaining a high degree of positive feelings in your relationship.



The comments under the Instagram post were equally cute and wholesome. One user said, "Your post has made it to a sorta meme page because of how wholesome it is! Y'all are too cute and sweet❤️". Another wrote, "Ah he’s a ⭐️!! And man I love breaded thin chicken cutlets too and feel the same way about the pounding breading frying etc. plus I make such a mess in the process. never make them bc it is such a pain. Enjoy your yummy cutlets!!" A third remarked, "These times, these things, are the glue that holds on no matter the storm." 

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