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Woman shares how a classmate still remembers the taste of her mother's recipe 20 years later

The daughter is pleasantly surprised after finding that her classmate remembers the taste of her mother's food even after 20 years.

Woman shares how a classmate still remembers the taste of her mother's recipe 20 years later
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio

Food has a lot of power, whether we believe it or not. Its impact can be felt both on a large and small scale. It can bring people together and act as a symbol of harmony across the world. The food can leave an imprint, making people attach emotions to it. Moreover, it can be witnessed in people's feelings regarding their mother's food. Haley—who goes on Twitter as @steviaplath—experienced something similar when she found out about the beautiful imprint her mother's food had left in someone's mind even after 20 years. She shared her story which is bound to make people go back and delve into their favorite recipes from the past.

Image Source: Pexels/Photo by Gustavo Fring
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring



Homemade food has its own charm. Despite living far away from home, people often reminisce about food from their childhood, especially during stressful times. It happens because people are intimately connected with comfort. Haley also shares beautiful memories of her mother's food but never realizes that the sentiment was shared by one of her friends as well. Recently, she received a message from her friend from kindergarten about how he has been scorching the earth looking for the recipe for food made by her mother when they used to study together.


Haley garnered a lot of friends and connections thanks to her mother's cooking. She used to share her lunch during the break every day and judging by the message she received recently, it is safe to say that everyone was a fan of her mother's cooking. She put up the post with the caption, "I love that this guy from my kindergarten class has been dreaming of my mom's fry bread for over 20 years and that he messaged me for the recipe!!!"


After school, many friends lost touch with each other and became distant, but it seems like the food they enjoyed together kept them connected. Haley's message request by one of her kindergarten friends after 20 years to ask her the recipe of one of her mother's dishes is a living example of such a situation.


The guy became obsessed with her mother's bread roll and tried to recreate it after getting older. The only thing he could cook up that was remotely similar was Beignets, but to nail it down, he decided to ask help from Haley. After a lot of discussion, they realized it was "fry bread" that the guy wanted. The guy shared that one of the main reasons he wanted to find the recipe was because it was connected to some of his happiest moments in kindergarten. He shared that when Miss Rocki used to come to share those with them, he felt as if "I was eating the best thing ever." More than the taste, the happiness he felt made him crave it more.


Haley immediately contacted her mother, who was touched to see how her food had positively impacted someone. She was shocked that someone was still thinking about it 20 years later. After some playful behavior, the mother shared her recipe but only with the school friend. She was adamant about only he getting it and no one else, as the thread by that time, had gone viral. The mother was not down to share her "Frybread power" so quickly and plans on making a tutorial.


The school friend was grateful for finally getting in on the secret. He expressed his gratitude by saying, "I definitely respect and appreciate y'all sharing the recipe with me and I promise it will be kept safe and sound with me!"



The comment section was in awe while seeing the power of delicious food. @SidereaCaelum adored the interaction, "This is so precious. I'm living for this wholesomeness. Good luck to your mother making that fry bread recipe video!! I'll definitely give it a try when it's out." @spaceycowguuurl shared the food memory stuck with her, "My mom was friends with this lady that had a taco truck at the flea market in town and I still fantasize about them 15 years later."

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