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Woman shares hilariously ingenious way of secretly getting back at her husband when he annoys her

The devious revenge tactic gets to him but he still hasn't figured out it's her because it doesn't happen right after he annoys her.

Woman shares hilariously ingenious way of secretly getting back at her husband when he annoys her
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels/George Milton (R) Reddit/u/pinkfluffyunicorn92

Playing a harmless but slightly devious prank or getting back at your partner with some light mischief isn't always bad. Sometimes, it can also strengthen your relationship with them. Apparently, one Reddit user has taken this very seriously. The Reddit user admitted in her post that she has devised a playful way to vengefully retaliate whenever her husband irritates her by making good use of modern-day technology. u/pinkfluffyunicorn92 confessed on the r/pettyrevenge forum: "I influence my husband's Playlist when he annoys me." She begins the post—which received more than 5 thousand upvotes—by giving the disclaimer: "This is gonna be fairly short, but I think it will still make some people giggle."

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Mikhail Nilov
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Mikhail Nilov

She explains, "Now anyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows sometimes your partner just annoys you. It’s nothing serious, you still love each other but somethings still get on your nerves. Now my husband of 10 years likes to listen to the playlist Apple Music made for him based on his interests while working from home. He also has his Apple Music account hooked up to all the Google speakers in the house. At one point we realized that what I listen to via the speakers sometimes shows up on his list, but also random stuff none of us listened to." Seems like a good foundation to form a revenge story plot.

She continues, "So now whenever he goes on my nerves or I'm mad at him, I will play the most unhinged crap music via one of the speakers on the low volume for hours so that the Apple algorithm thinks he’s interested in it and will mix it into his playlist. It annoys him and so far he hasn’t figured out it’s me because, of course, this doesn’t happen directly after we bicker." u/pinkfluffyunicorn92 went on to admit that this devious secret of hers brings probably shouldn't bring her as much joy as it does.

She adds, "And for everyone who doesn’t have a sense of humor, rest assured I love this man to pieces and it’s not that serious." The husband, according to her, hasn't figured any of this out yet but we'd sure like to know what happens if and when he does. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/biglipsmagoo
Image Source: Reddit | u/biglipsmagoo

Some Reddit comments did have a good laugh and some predicted that they probably one-up each other with these pranks. Some even shared what they do to playfully get back at their partners. "It's okay. He's probably in the kitchen overtightening every lid and cap for you," joked u/drpiotrowski. "This actually made me lol. What a devious mind!" commented u/girlwhoweighted. "I find flipping the batteries in remotes incredibly good for the soul after a minor annoyance," shared u/Competitive-Pack-324. "If I want to mess with my partner I just have to leave a kitchen drawer open, lol," wrote u/Ok_Lifeguard_6508. "My partner just retaliates by misordering the spice drawer, which I keep in alphabetical order so I can grab what I need without my glasses," added u/Ok_Lifeguard_6508.

Image Source: Reddit | u/burlesque_nurse
Image Source: Reddit | u/burlesque_nurse

Sarah Mollica, an American, isn't much behind in annoying her Italian husband, Carlo Longo. Like any other culture, Italians have several "unspoken rules" that ideally shouldn't be broken. Mollica broke not one, but twelve, of these unspoken Italian rules and recorded her husband's shocked reactions. Mollica broke several rules, including telling her husband she had plans during the Euro 2020 final and breaking spaghetti in half before boiling it in a pot.

She's even gone so far as to ask for pineapple on her pizza. Longo appeared to be ready to abandon her as his wife in every instance. For example, when she asked him what he would do if she put ketchup on her pasta, he was completely disgusted. In the video, he says, "If you try to put ketchup on pasta, you will not eat for one year in my house." 

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Don't you worry, husbands aren't much behind when it comes to one-upping their partners with playful pranks. Kelly Lavery Kirby despises being the center of attention and "making a scene," so her husband, Dan Kirby, thought it would be hilarious to propose to her ten times at Walt Disney World and she stormed away from him each time out of embarrassment. They are married in reality now and have three children. Five years have passed since the hilarious prank, and it still makes the Kirbys laugh.

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