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Woman shares her unique 'happy brain routine' and people online are loving it

'Please don’t isolate yourself,' Wild says. 'Hang out with people. We’re social beings, and we need human connections to be happy people.'

Woman shares her unique 'happy brain routine' and people online are loving it
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @madisonxwild

Everyone goes through good times and bad times. But have you ever thought of creating a routine for yourself that could help you with staying happy and positive? TikTok user Madison Wild has some tips on this matter. She shared her "happy brain routine" in a video to educate people on how they can cultivate habits that could prove beneficial for their mental health. 

In the video posted on Wild's TikTok @madisonwild, she begins, “I think there are people who are born happy and people who have to do things every day or consistently to maintain a happy level of homeostasis. It’s taken me my whole life to develop these things, but I know they work because as soon as I stop doing them, I go right back to my, like, brain telling me everything is horrible and terrible.”

Image Source: TikTok/ @madisonxwild
Image Source: TikTok/ @madisonxwild

Her first tip is to exercise even if it's for 20 minutes and a couple of times a week. “A 20-minute walk in the morning before you do anything changes your goddamn day,” she says. “Bonus points if you can journal in the morning and not go on your phone.” Her next tip is the need to learn things. Wild says, “Find a random photo, journal, or book where someone’s doing something cool in the world. So even if you can’t see meaning in your own life, you can see that it still exists out there and someone else is doing something beautiful and cool."

Image Source: TikTok/ @madisonxwild
Image Source: TikTok/ @madisonxwild

She adds, “And that the world still has meaning, even if you feel like yours doesn’t. Learning and reading are something that gives me chills. Find the thing that gives you chills.” Wild also talks about the importance of cooking for oneself. "Obviously it's good for your brain to actually be nutritionally supporting your mental health. But also the act of doing something is such an act of self-love that I always like doing."

She then goes on to talk about not being alone. “Please don’t isolate yourself,” Wild says. “Hang out with people. We’re social beings, and we need human connections to be happy people. That’s a real thing. I know you don’t want to see people, but please just see one person.”

Her final tip is to get ready and put some effort into one's appearance. Wild says, "Shower and get ready every day. Put on cute outfits. When you look in the mirror, you can see someone that you are taking care of and that you love.” The video went viral with about 1.3 million views and is captioned, "My how to be happy 101. Hope this helps someone. Love u."

Image Source: TikTok/ @madisonxwild
Image Source: TikTok/ @madisonxwild

Many people were thankful to Wild for sharing her tips on how to be happy. @frannyfarts6969 commented, "This is so real. The world is absolutely all yours, choose to make it a beautiful one."@_graceej_ wrote, "Thank you for these. Exercise one is so true and I hate it but it really does help. Also, you're STUNNING." @xdiaamanta expressed, "Thank you for these reminders, lately I have been out of my routine. This inspired me to do stuff that helps me feel happy." @jackieond said, "Crazy how much I needed to hear this today. Thank you."

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