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Woman shares her mother's hilarious mishap while attempting to make a wedding album

She set out to create a sentimental photobook to commemorate her daughter's special occasion but ended up doing so much more.

Woman shares her mother's hilarious mishap while attempting to make a wedding album
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @niki_nibs

Mothers possess a unique dedication, always striving to transform their children's dreams into reality. Sherry Noblett is no different and wanted to create a dreamy photobook to commemorate her daughter's special day. Hilarity ensued when technology got the best of Noblett and she ended up making an album with cheesy captions. Having no time left she gifted the album to her daughter who went into splits seeing it. The album's captions made no sense with the photos and were all generic. Niki Hunt—who goes by @niki_nibs on TikTok—captured her and her sister's reaction to the album their mother made on video.

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok | @niki_nibs

The video opens with Hunt inviting viewers to see the "rivetting" photos her mother has put in the album. The text overlay, in the beginning, gave a hint to the hilarity that was about to begin, "Moral of the Story: The placeholder captions on Shutterfly do not delete themselves." Then, she began flipping the pages of the album, one by one. The next set of photos has Hunt's husband posing with his groomsmen, but the thing that will catch everyone's eye is the captions. The captions are names of the season- Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. These names have no relation with the content of the photos and happened because Noblett forgot to alter the generic captions provided by Shutterfly.

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok

Thereafter, was a photo featuring the groom with his best friend accompanied by the caption- "In Good Hands- She managed to hold on to that bubble for over a minute before it burst". This made Hunt burst into laughs, as the caption was clearly meant for a small girl and found a place below a wedding photo. She kept going and then landed on a solo picture of her husband which was followed by 'The Joy of Life'. This caption she might be a bit on board with. The camera then pans on Hunt's sister who was equally amused with this, hiding her face to control her laughter.

The following photos sadly did not have any memorable caption attached to them, till they reached a solo shot of Hunt with the words, "A day at the park. We had a picnic, then walked around the park collecting pretty leaves." Hunt was posing in a scenic location holding her elaborately designed bouquet with no hint of leaves anywhere. The contrast between the caption and the photo was quite interesting, to say the least. The next one had the bride putting on her earrings accompanied with "You make my day." The earrings did add a lot of beauty to the overall look but Hunt would probably not consider it the reason why that particular day was special.


They finally managed to land on a picture that made sense which featured Hunt and her sister with the words, 'Precious moments'. The funniest snap undoubtedly came at the end which had the couple dancing and the caption, "Can we stay here forever? Lucy asked on our second day." The family has no one named 'Lucy' and the video soon became viral with almost 4 million views.

Shutterfly noticed the video and released a statement that they will help Nikki and her mother to redo the album, as reported by Good Morning America, "Experiences like Niki's inspire us to continually improve. That's why we're actively exploring ways to enhance our Photo Book creation process. We're committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for our customers, from start to finish. And when in doubt, customers can always have a Shutterfly designer curate their photos and design their book for free using our 24-hour Make My Book designer service."

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok

The comment section similar to the sisters thoroughly enjoyed the mother's photobook. @canalpeople shared that something similar was done by them as well, "I forgot to change the caption on my Shutterfly holiday cards (from the year we got married) so everyone got cards from Megan and Blake." @kalli.likethestate posed a funny scenario, "Imagining your great great great great grandchildren discovering this in a box and reading it with no context lmao."


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