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Woman shares heartwarming text messages boyfriend sent her when she was in coma after childbirth

A woman's heartwarming video shows how her husband stood by her after she went into a coma after giving birth. 

Woman shares heartwarming text messages boyfriend sent her when she was in coma after childbirth
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @laurendanielleanderson

When we go through rough phases in our lives, it's often our loved ones who stand by us and give us the strength to overcome all the challenges. Even a few words of support can go a long way during such difficult times. Lauren Danielle Anderson, who goes by @laurendanielleanderson on Instagram, shared a heartwarming video about how her husband stood by her when she went into a coma after giving birth. 

Image Source: Instagram | @laurendanielleanderson
Image Source: Instagram | @laurendanielleanderson

The video is a real testament to true love and has amassed 26.9 million views and 940,892 likes on the social media site. At the beginning of the video, we see Anderson in a hospital bed with a text overlay reading, "POV- you were fighting for your life in a coma after dying in childbirth and your boyfriend still messaged you every day and night." The video then cuts to reveal all of the text messages that her boyfriend sent her while she was fighting for her life, hoping that she would one day wake up and get to read it all. The first message reads, "I love you so much. I hope you read this very soon. You're my world."

Image Source: Instagram | @laurendanielleanderson
Image Source: Instagram | @laurendanielleanderson

The second message is on the same day, but later in the evening, the man shares how he was with their child, Noah, and that he knew mother and son were strong, which would help them make it through this. He concluded it by stating how much he missed her presence. The following day, he sent her a more detailed message, sharing his optimism that she would eventually wake up from her coma so that he could give her a much-needed hug.

"I won't be letting go," he writes. The man somehow kept texting his wife all of the time that she was in a coma, really showcasing how strong their love was. Another text of his reads, "I miss you the most that anyone has ever missed anyone. We'll make it through this, babe like we have everything else life has thrown at us. Stay strong, beautiful." He made a consistent effort with his texting, sometimes simply stating that he loved her and missed her. People were deeply touched by the boyfriend's supportive gesture during such difficult times and shared their thoughts about it in the comments section.

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@ballizlpn1407 shared, "I messaged my boyfriend every day when he was on life support. Sadly, he never woke to read those messages. This is so precious and sweet." Another individual, @curlsandcurves16, commented, "I lost my mum to cancer on the first of January. The urge to message her overwhelmed me so often already." @maddsmaxjesty expressed, "I'm so happy you're okay. Take it slow and allow yourself to heal, Mama."

You can follow Lauren Danielle Anderson on her Instagram page (@laurendanielleanderson) to know more about what it's like to be a birth trauma survivor. 

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