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Woman shares easy hack to escape 'victim mode' and it's great for shaking a pessimistic mindset

We all know someone who finds it difficult to get out of 'victim mode' or even find ourselves in such situations at times. This woman helps us navigate this state.

Woman shares easy hack to escape 'victim mode' and it's great for shaking a pessimistic mindset
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @mind.psy.guidance

At times, it can feel as though the universe itself is conspiring against us. Everything appears to go wrong despite our best efforts and we can end stuck in "victim mode," a prolonged period of feeling sorry for ourselves. This is not to say that there are no victims but some situations can be solved easily with more perspective. As for what the victim mode means, it is when a person thinks they are powerless in testing times and that life has been unfair to them. During this phase, we might also forget to take into account the part our own life choices played to bring about that particular setback. One social media influencer recently shared an effective method to get out of this mindset.

Image Source: Instagram | @mind.psy.guidance
Image Source: Instagram | @mind.psy.guidance

@mind.psy.guidanc made a video on how to get out of the victim mode. She says in the video, "This is how I get out of victim mode whenever things are hard in my life or in my business. I start to think of myself as the main character of a book or a story I'm following and I'm super invested in. And then I zoom out and think of myself also as the reader or the watcher of that story. Then I started to think about what I would root for that character to do next. Like, what am I wanting the writer, this author of the story to have that character do."

Image Source: Instagram | @mind.psy.guidance
Image Source: Instagram | @mind.psy.guidance

She adds, "Like, what is the main character's energy in this situation? What would I be over the moon about for this character to do? And then I do that. Because I am the main character of the story. I am the writer of my book. I am also the liver of that story. So, just wanted to share that as it has been super helpful for me and a game changer for me to get out of victim mentality."

She also explained in the caption, "Victim mode for me looks like not recognizing the choices I have at the moment, it looks like giving my power to the circumstances or other people. This can happen in both life and business. But I’ve found something that works really well to get me out of it."

This is a truly unique way to get out of victim mode. It essentially helps her have agency over her life as an adult. It will also train our brains and body so that we have some control over deciding how we handle life and circumstances when we face challenges.

People on Instagram also appreciated the video and the video has 63,872 likes and many comments. @zsfoicc wrote, "I always do this and it's so helpful!! When I am in a situation where I cannot think of any solution (like when I'm stuck in a situation, sad, confused, etc.), I imagine that I need to give advice to someone else. And the advice I'd give is the advice I receive." @Jeffpaige72 shared, "The best part is it's not even a 'trick or tip.' Doing this entails cultivating greater awareness of our internal processes, of the grace and courage to really see what's really there and we are working with real, actual aspects of self." This is such a wonderful way to make changes in our lives!

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