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Woman shares an unconventional interview process of getting hired without a single question

The woman found the experience strange and questioned if this lack of questioning was normal in job interviews.

Woman shares an unconventional interview process of getting hired without a single question
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Chris Hondros

Applying for jobs often involves navigating numerous hoops, with the traditional job interview being the most popular. Typically, this interview format consists of a conversation between the applicant and a company representative covering various aspects, such as the role, expectations, and aspirations. However, when a woman encountered an unusual job interview that didn't involve any questions asked, she found it so strange that she felt compelled to share her experience on Reddit and inquire if such an absence of questioning is normal in job interviews. The post begins with the user u/strawberrygal16 talking about how she went for an interview at the fancy new hotel in her city. The interview was just over an hour, but interestingly she was not asked to answer any questions.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tima Miroschnichenko
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tima Miroschnichenko

She says, "The whole time, the hiring manager was talking about how great the company is, her vacation she just took with her family, her son graduating high school, and about her as a teenager in high school." The employer showed no interest in the woman's work experience or qualifications. Even when the author tried to talk, the interviewer would speak over her. She sits through the absurd interviewing process, curious to know if she will get the job.

She says, "At the end of the 'interview,' she didn't even offer me a position; she just told me that she was going to email me new hire paperwork to fill out and that my start date was the following Monday." Afterward, she laughed with her mom about the whole thing because it was such an unusual experience. She ends the post, saying, "It's been a while since I have had interviews. Is this normal now? Lol."

Image Source: Reddit/sanrova
Image Source: Reddit | u/sanrova


Image Source: Reddit/CoffeeRunner32
Image Source: Reddit | u/coffeeRunner32

Reddit users on the platform shared their own weird interview experiences in the comments section. u/LJski commented, "I had an internal interview very similar to that. The boss (with whom I would work for ten years) was telling me about the department and all the things they were doing 20 minutes in, I tried to pivot to selling myself, but I quickly realized the job was already mine. Worked out real well for me." From the woman's description of the interview process, she was deemed a good fit for the job, and the interview was a final formality.

u/Farscape_rocked pointed this out, saying, "It sounds like they were required to do an interview, but they had already decided to give you a job." Another user, u/Matt_the_bro, supported this assumption, saying, "Man, people on Reddit are so f****** weird, ignore the people saying this a red flag. I have landed multiple jobs like this. It sounds like this person wasn't a great interviewer, but liked talking with you. This is actually a really good sign. If you were able to carry on a conversation for an hour plus talking about nothing, that's great. People love to talk about themselves. If you give others room to do that and you will go far." Either way, interviews can always be tricky, so it's ideal to go in well-prepared. Every interview might not be as easy as this one.

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