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Woman shares an ingenious hack to get free snacks and drinks during all hotel stays

To get yourself some free snacks all you need to do is enlist your mother or a friend's help and follow a simple script to secure the goodies from the hotel.

Woman shares an ingenious hack to get free snacks and drinks during all hotel stays
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @thejuliabaird

If you have ever checked into any high-end hotel, you must have noticed how much they charge even for the small amenities. Once you open the mini fridge, all the beverages have to be paid for and if you are thinking about snacking on the exquisite treats placed over the nightstand, you need to think again before paying for them. So, what can we do to get some of these treats free of cost while checking into a hotel? Julia—who goes by @thejuliabaird on TikTok—is giving her viewers a solution.

Image Source: TikTok | @thejuliabaird
Image Source: TikTok | @thejuliabaird

She made a video about traveling to Vancouver and all she had to do was seek a little help from her mother. Julia's mom called the hotel and requested them to put together a gift basket for Julia, feigning some occasion. "Literally from my mom, for free," Julia exclaimed while showing off the expensive treats she bagged for free, including Pellegrino sparkling water and Smartfood Popcorn. "If you or your mom isn't calling the hotel every single time you travel, you're doing something wrong." The viewers were thrilled to find out about this hotel hack and requested Julia to disclose more about it.

So, Julia made a follow-up video and shared a mock "script" that people on the internet can use to get some free snacks from hotels as she did. "OK, mom. The internet wants to know what you say to get free hotel snacks," she asked while conversing with her mom. Her mom starts spilling the details from behind the camera as the viewers hear her instructions. Julia's mom starts her conversation with hotel staff and builds a good rapport with the employee who picks up her call. "I tell them a little bit about myself and who I would like to send a little gift to," her mom explains. "And just see if there is anything that they can do to help make the stay a little more special for the person."

Image Source: TikTok | @thejuliabaird
Image Source: TikTok | @thejuliabaird

"So you don't ask for anything specific and you just ask if they can do something?" Julia questions her mom, to which she responds that she just asks them "if they can do something" and not directly jump at asking for free stuff. Her mother often tells the hotel staff about some occasions, like anniversaries or Valentine's Day and says she misses her loved ones. "You don't get it if you don't ask," Julia's mom adds. "We're at a hotel right now and they left us a bottle of Prosecco and some adorable chocolates," Julia shows the goodies to her viewers, proving that her mother's trick is actually effective.

@thejuliabaird My mom always makes travelling feel special - even when she’s not with me 🥹 #traveltips #hotelperks #travelhacks #hotelhack ♬ original sound - Julia


"That's all. That's the script," Julia concludes. The TikTok community was thrilled to hear how her mother's idea works for them and some even plan to try it out during their next hotel visit. wrote, "I used to work at a hotel and would give out the free snacks/waters to whoever asked for one or whoever was nice to me, so this definitely works." @sxxrxv commented, "I'm gonna do this in reverse!! I always book hotels for my parents anyway, next time I'm gonna call and pretend it's their anniversary and they'd literally cry. I love this idea." @raeofsunn added, "If someone was funny, attractive, kind, friendly, remembered my name or simply asked me nicely. I'd give them stuff or free late checkouts/early check-ins/the best rooms."

Image Source: TikTok | @unfriendlyblkhottie
Image Source: TikTok | @unfriendlyblkhottie

@thejuliabaird Replying to @Zoe 🫶🏼 Mama knows best! Should i share more of her hotel/travelling tips?! #hotelhacks #travelhacks #hoteltips #traveltipsandhacks ♬ original sound - Julia


You can follow Julia (@thejuliabaird) on TikTok and Instagram for more beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos.

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