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Woman shares an ingenious hack for improving the quality of time spent with friends

As it is difficult to spend more time with friends, this woman believes in improving the quality of the little time they get.

Woman shares an ingenious hack for improving the quality of time spent with friends
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio

It becomes increasingly tough for friends to catch up like old times with busy schedules. Shifting from meeting and hanging out every day to seeing each other a few times a month or a year is a common reality among all. To make up for all the lost time, friends need to ensure that their time together is spaced out well to catch up on everything. Danni—who goes by @danniwellss on TikTok—shared that she and her friends have hopped on to a fun and adorable trend to spend quality time when they are together. The woman shared a video with her girls who were writing something on a whiteboard.

Image Source: TikTok|@danniwellss
Image Source: TikTok | @danniwellss

The text overlay read, “Get yourself friends who write a ‘To talk about’ list so you don’t miss out on topics to talk about when you meet.” The idea is to include everything the friends wished to discuss overtime on the list so that nothing slips out of their minds whenever they meet. “The state of the board when we finished the evening. We had to go double-sided,” the caption read. People were impressed by the wholesome idea and agreed that adult lives require an ingenious trick. @sandrellax remarked, “This was me when I went out to dinner with my girls.” Many people even tagged their besties, vowing that they will and need to give this a try.

Image Source: TikTok|@danniwellss
Image Source: TikTok|@danniwellss

Many revealed that this trick is not new and is a must for them. @carolineyoung47 wrote, “I always have an agenda.” @sharonsassyjazz joked, “Brilliant, we always say we’re going to do something like this, but the minute we clap our eyes on each other, it’s non-stop chitchat.” There are no limitations when it comes to the agenda trend. In a similar instance, a young woman, Kenzi—who goes @kenzianidiot on X (Previously Twitter)—shared that her dad too had hopped on to the trend. In a post, she revealed that her dad always wrote an agenda before he could have his weekly meeting with his boys at the pub.

Image Source: TikTok|@eeeimhowling
Image Source: TikTok|@eeeimhowling
Image Source:TikTok|@hannahsummer_90
Image Source: TikTok | @hannahsummer_90

@danniwellss The state of the board when finished the evening hahah we had to go double sided @serablevent300 @MADDIE | freelance smm 😭 #friendshipgoals ♬ Pink and White. - ❔


“My dad goes to a bar with his friends every Friday and he makes a list of discussion topics,” she wrote. She shared a picture of the agenda the dad had prepared. It consisted of every random topic they could consider. “Jordan Love, World Cup, China and Russia, After Christmas party with the boys and General Discussion” were the topics listed on the agenda. In a thread, the woman also shared a picture of her dad and his buddies seated at the pub engaging in heavy conversation.


People are huge fans of the trend and can not wait to try the same with their buddies. @CreampieorDie wrote, “The ‘general discussion’ as a topic of discussion is my favorite part.” @ishverduzco exclaimed, “A well-thought-out agenda and a reserved table?! These guys mean business.” @Alexfungali wrote, “I do the same thing with ___ for our nightly what-have-you.” @DanforTexas remarked, “You call it going to a bar, he calls it meeting with the fraternal order of the pub.” @BenjaminGrocott hilariously added, “He needs to have a meeting about using all the space on a page when he makes his agenda for the next meeting ”



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