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Woman shares a brilliant tip to save while living paycheck to paycheck

Kaitlin, who works at a convenience store, has been winning hearts on the internet with her honest and enthusiastic approach towards job life.

Woman shares a brilliant tip to save while living paycheck to paycheck
Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @kaitlinsondae

America is facing the possibility of one of the biggest economic crises in recent years, as per Forbes. This economic distress has caused many civilians to begin living paycheck to paycheck. This kind of living situation is not ideal but many individuals are now forced to face this as reality like TikToker @kaitlinsondae. Living paycheck to paycheck is a state where individuals will not be able to afford their cost of living if their job goes away. It is because the savings from the income garnered by individuals is not enough to create a sustainable life. But she is not getting anxious about the situation at hand and is rather embracing this independent experience.

On her TikTok account, Kaitlin regularly posts about her daily activities as a Target worker. Her honest and enthusiastic approach has won a lot of hearts. A recent video of hers breaks down her budget, and people are applauding her realistic portrayal of things in a positive light.

Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @kaitlinsondae
Image Source: TikTok/ @kaitlinsondae


In the video, Kaitlin starts off by saying she gets paid biweekly. She also mentions how she is living alone and therefore is the only one who pays the rent for her home. Thereafter she revealed that her gross income from working at Target was $1,046.62 for working almost 61 hours. She added that for the last two weeks, she took a bit of a break therefore the hours were less. All of this amounted to $775.19 after taxes. Then she broke down her expenses. At first, she informed her viewers of the amount she spends on rent which is $692.72. After this comes her regular expenses which include gas for $15.12, water for $33.56 which she has to pay only once in two months, and groceries which amount to $20.

Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @kaitlinsondae
Image Source: TikTok/ @kaitlinsondae


In her breakdown, she also includes the supplement income that she garnered from dog-sitting. From the extra money, she used $36.67 to buy food for her own dog. She concluded her budgeting by paying her credit card bill amounting to $40. The smart management of her income led to her saving $13.79. Her reaction to this was “I love that so much. Yay!”. This video has garnered a lot of love because of its relatability. It has garnered almost 800k views. Recent data shows that 58% of Americans are living in a financially distressed state and are being forced to go from paycheck to paycheck, as reported by CNBC.

Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @_lizzlee_
Image Source: TikTok/ @_lizzlee_


Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @alexandria_n_stinnett
Image Source: TikTok/@alexandria_n_stinnett


Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @kaitlinsondae
Image Source: TikTok/ @kaitlinsondae


In the comment section, people are showcasing their appreciation for Kaitlin and are in awe of her skills. @_lizzlee_ likes the fact that there is a conversation regarding the whole ordeal of living at such a low income and commented, "This is so realistic because there are sometimes being paycheck to paycheck is a very common thing and nobody talks about it!" @laughtereverysecond tries to comfort Kaitlin by writing, "I know it’s rough right now but better days are ahead." @alexandria_n_stinnett agrees with the details of the video and wrote, "So realistic! This is exactly why I’ve worked overtime every week for the past 8 years."

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