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Woman sets up apartment to look like her boyfriend lives there when men visit her at home

The woman, who's a model from Canada, arranged men's shoes, a skateboard, and more to make it look like she was living with a man.

Woman sets up apartment to look like her boyfriend lives there when men visit her at home
Image source: TikTok/@sulken

A woman revealed that she sets up her home to look like her boyfriend lives there, just to keep herself safe when men visit her apartment. The woman, who goes by Sulken on TikTok, posted a video showing herself placing different items including a skateboard and a hoodie around the house to make it look like a man lived there. Sexual and gender minorities live in the constant fear of being attacked by men, forcing them to find different ways to protect themselves. A UN women survey conducted in the U.K. found that 86% of women aged 18-24 had reported being sexually harassed in public spaces.




Sulken, who hails from Vancouver, Canada, showed how she creates an illusion of living with a boyfriend so men visiting her in the apartment don't threaten or attack her. "I have a stranger (male) coming over with a coffee table from FB marketplace so I need to look like I don't live alone," reads the on-screen text of the video. She can be seen placing a pair of men's sneakers near the front door, placing a hooded sweatshirt on the couch, and even playing the sound of a man talking from her TV to make it sound like the person is in the other room. She also leaves a pair of punch pads in the living room to give the impression that her boyfriend is into boxing. She also leaves a skateboard by the door. 



She confirmed in a follow-up video that the man had delivered the coffee table and nothing untoward had happened. Many could resonate with Sulken's actions and lamented the necessity of resorting to such actions to stay safe. "It's a sad reality that this is what we have to do to be safe," wrote one person. Some shared their own ideas of how to protect themselves with one person writing, "My parents always tell me to leave work boots outside my house and stuff when a repairman comes over," said one person, while another added, "I shout my imaginary husband when food delivery comes just before I open the door." Many pointed out that it reflected their lack of faith and trust in society and the system. "The fact that we have to think about this as a woman is both scary and sad," commented one person.



As usual, there was also the odd voice claiming women were unnecessarily paranoid. "Not every guy is gonna try to hurt you. Bit overkill ain't it?" wrote one person. But, that's the problem, isn't it? You don't know which ones are going to hurt you. Many called out the men who were claiming her actions were over the top. One person wrote, "The guys in the comments have never experienced a 40-year-old man telling you you're pretty when he's in your living room." While another wrote, "The comments calling her paranoid are the same ones that victim blame if something happened to her."





A 2019 YouGov study found that 61 percent of American women say they regularly take steps to avoid being sexually assaulted. The study also revealed that women are significantly more likely than men to feel unsafe when undertaking everyday activities like taking the bus alone or exercising outdoors. As we reported earlier, an 18-year-old shared similar safety tips that people can incorporate into their personal lives. Spencer Barbosa, who's a content creator, urges those feeling vulnerable to draw maximum attention to themselves when in public places. Barbosa also suggested leaving a big pair of boots outside their home as a deterrent. She also advised against sharing on social media that they were home alone. You can catch all of her tips on TikTok. 

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