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Woman stunned after 5-star dinner cruise serves guests a single chicken nugget for dinner entree

They were also given framed live headshots of each individual present and ultimately they all had a great time.

Woman stunned after 5-star dinner cruise serves guests a single chicken nugget for dinner entree
Image Source: TikTok/Allison Kuhn

Finding the right things to do while traveling abroad can be difficult, as Allison Kuhn discovered while studying abroad as an American grad student. Despite reading online reviews and travel guides, selecting certain activities to do can be very challenging. Allison, who was studying abroad in Israel and her friends decided to extend their trip to Istanbul, Turkey. During their visit, they wanted to go out at night and find a spot with a good view of the beautiful city, known for its stunning scenery, per BuzzFeed.

Image Source: TikTok/allisonkuhn3
Image Source: TikTok/allisonkuhn3


She told the outlet, "I booked a dinner cruise for us so we could enjoy seeing the city at night. I searched 'dinner cruise' on Tripadvisor, where I found one for $75 per person, the nicest dinner cruise in the area." Her TikTok video documenting the encounter went viral, and it discloses what happened after they boarded the boat. "I booked us a '5 star dinner cruise' where our entrée was 1 solitary chicken nugget," the text inlay reads. 

In the video, her friends laugh uncontrollably as a server "tosses" one chicken nugget into each dish "like he's feeding the animals." In the background, you'll also hear the waitress ask Allison's buddy, "Chicken nugget?" Allison's friend says, "Yes, please, looks great." "Ooooh, chicken nuggets!" exclaims another friend. There were many of jokes in the comments regarding the recent film The Menu, in which affluent folks dine on an unexpected Michelin-starred dinner. 

Image Source: TikTok/allisonkuhn3
Image Source: TikTok/allisonkuhn3


Apart from each diner's personalized chicken nuggets and mystery dips, Allison went on to reveal numerous more elements that left everyone surprised. Most notably, as shown in the video, the rolls given with the lunch were all individually wrapped in plastic. Then, as Allison explains in another video before the group sat down for their meal, a photographer approached each attendee personally to take headshots. There are no group photographs of the smiling, laughing pals - only individual ones.

She said, "As we're all just laughing about the chicken nugget, a woman comes around and slaps down these photos of us. Framed, individual headshots. Of each of us! Hands down, this was one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed." In a follow-up video to her initial popular TikTok, she makes it clear that, while she laughed about the "singular chicken nugget" they were served, she and her friends had a great day. She said, "Honestly, everyone on board was so nice. I've never laughed so much in my life. I would do it again." 

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


A TikTok user @uncheckedboxes shared in comments, "I was invited to a 5-star rooftop restaurant where the desert was an assortment of starburst candies, in wrappers, artfully displayed." Another user, @jeftiktok123 added, "The waiter gave up by the last one and just flung on the side of the plate." "So far I’ve learned that I will be opening a “5-star” restaurant and serving nuggets and instant mashed potatoes," commented another @mandygarcia938. These funny yet beautiful experiences prove how traveling to different cultures can provide fun experiences. 

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