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Former street hawker is looking for stranger who turned her life, today she owns a catering company

Leah Mugure Mburu said she was struggling to make ends meet, and almost gave up when the stranger offered to help.

Former street hawker is looking for stranger who turned her life, today she owns a catering company
Image source: Facebook/leahmburu

Leah Mugure Mburu was selling socks on the streets of Nairobi in 2006 when she met a stranger who changed her life for the better. The stranger, who Leah only knew as Brian, introduced her to an exchange program and helped finance her relocation to Germany which changed the trajectory of her life. More than 15 years later, the Kenyan woman runs her own catering company in Weiterstadt, Germany. Leah is hoping she gets to meet the stranger who helped her just when she needed it. It all started after the pair struck up a conversation as she was hawking socks on Tom Mboya Street. She shared her struggles and Brian told her he knew of an exchange program that could help her move to Germany, reported Tuko. "That guy walking in the street saw something in me that I didn't even know about myself. He took a leap of faith and said, 'I want to help you.'"  



She had always dreamt of going abroad and it was that kind man who helped her achieve her dreams. "When I was about to give up, God sent an Angel who went far and beyond to get me out of the streets. Today, I run different businesses in Germany," she said. "When I was young, I used to say, "When I grow up I would like to go abroad. I used to see those airplanes passing and think, 'Will I ever, one day, sit in an airplane?' Those were years ago, but every dream is possible," she added. Leah said that it was her Dad's dream to see his children go abroad. "I didn't even think I was going to finish my studies. You want to go abroad but you're wondering, 'Is it going to happen?' She said in a video, before thanking the person who helped her. She described the man as an angel sent by God. "It took somebody's time. It took somebody's money. It was an act of God. I don't want to believe that it was just by chance," she added. 


Leah said it was a tough time in her life but she held onto hope. "I used to have no money. It was a very very hard time, but I was strong. I used to feel inside me telling me, 'hold on,'" said Leah. That's when she met Brian. After she shared her troubles with him, he immediately called a lady and asked her to help Leah go to Germany as part of the exchange program. When Leah went to meet the woman, she told her that Brian had asked for a list of things she needed and took care of that. Brian also gave her the money needed to buy books for her classes.  Leah lost touch with Brian as social media wasn't a popular mode of communication and neither was the use of cellphones.  Leah is now hoping to reconnect with the stranger who helped her. "He was bald and dark, a Luo, and must have been in his early thirties," she described Brian. She added that Brian had studied law in India before returning to Kenya. She said he had been working on the paperwork to set up his law practice at the time. 



After introducing her to the exchange program, Brian kept his word as he contacted her and even paid for the German classes. He then helped her with the immigration process. Leah wants to find him and invite him to Germany to show how his small deed had transformed her life. She now runs a catering company, is married, and has children now. "I want Brian and the world to witness the marvelous work God has done in my life," said Leah.



She added that he never kept in touch or followed up on her career after helping her get on her feet. "When men help you, they tend to use it to manipulate you, but Brian was never like that," said Leah. "He respected me from the day he met me and never despised by humble beginnings." He gave her 200 Kenya shillings every day until she was done with her classes. It enabled her to quit her job immediately and start classes that eventually helped her set up her life. Leah is hoping to meet the good samaritan and thank him for his kindness during a difficult moment in her life. 

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