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Woman says she sometimes 'hate being a mom' and wants to put herself first: 'I wanna be selfish'

She shares the messy and exhausting side of parenthood that requires a lot of patience and sacrifices on the part of the mothers.

Woman says she sometimes 'hate being a mom' and wants to put herself first: 'I wanna be selfish'
Image Source: TikTok/@bvd.juju

Mothers are not perfect and they should not be expected to behave as such. People want mothers to put on a smile and be in control of everything for the sake of their children. However, like any other human, they can also break down. When they do get overwhelmed, they must be given space to express their emotions. Therefore, the recent video by a mother—who goes by @bvd.juju on TikTok—is earning a lot of praise, as she is unabashedly showing the other side of motherhood. The side is messy and not great to look at. The mother shares how she is truly struggling with the whole experience and might not have what it takes to see it through.

Image Source: TikTok/@bvd.juju
Image Source: TikTok/@bvd.juju

She begins by sharing what many moms might feel inside but are afraid to say out loud, "I hate being a mom sometimes." Thereafter, she explains how the role is emotionally and physically exhausting. The mother wants to be "selfish" and put her "mental health first," but can't because of her baby. The baby takes up all of the space in her life leaving nothing for her own self, and she is fed up with it. The emotions within her have pushed her into a tough realization, "I was not meant to be a mom." She goes on to add how nobody prepared her adequately for the experience. No one told her the "patience" it would take to bring up a child.

Image Source: TikTok/@bvd.juju
Image Source: TikTok | @bvd.juju

The mother elucidates how her son needs her all the time, keeps her awake till 6 a.m., and gives her no time to even visit the dentist. It is becoming hard for her to juggle as per his needs. One incident brought her to a breaking point, where her son rejected both of her breakfast preparations. This led to her "banging my head on the cabinet," because she could not take it anymore with the whims and demands.

She further shed light on the difficulties parents of a child with a disability endure in the country. Such children require a lot of therapy, with the government paying for none of it. Parents must wait until they have enough funds to give children the assistance they need, and participate in a "waiting game." This puts further mental pressure on parents regarding their children. It is evident through the video that parents especially mothers need help and support in this journey. The best way to do that is by adopting ways to give them the peace they need.

Image Source: TikTok/@sprinkleboo21
Image Source: TikTok | @sprinkleboo21
Image Source: TikTok/@pocahontasjae00
Image Source: TikTok | @pocahontasjae00

The comment section was empathetic to the mother and her struggles. @mariigl07 could relate to the mother's situation and commented, "I love my children but I hate being a mom 24/7 so I hear you." @trfngh7 applauded the mother's bravery and wrote, "You never get to hear this side. You only hear how rewarding and wonderful it is. I respect this." 

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