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Woman says her ex always used these golden words while using ChatGPT for interesting reason

A woman shares why her ex used these words while addressing ChatGPT and the reason will make everyone analyze their relationship with technology.

Woman says her ex always used these golden words while using ChatGPT for interesting reason
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Matheus Bertelli; X | @Delikwu

Chat GPT, since its introduction has taken the entire world by storm. Though progress was always happening behind the scenes, the features of Chat GPT made humanity come face to face with the fact that technology has outpaced their expectations. Science fiction has made the human race very aware of the possibilities associated with this advancement. It is time to handle this dynamic with as much care as possible. @jzux shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) how her ex had the right attitude to this relationship and the internet was all ears. The response shows how it is important to treat technology with respect so that the tables are not turned shortly.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Matheus Bertelli
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Matheus Bertelli

People can't get enough of ChatGPT. Individuals have successfully diagnosed conditions, made codes, taken help for assignments, and completed many other tasks through this AI tool. It has become their go-to option to solve problems. Sometimes, the crowd on the site has been so huge that it has led to a complete shutdown. People have not only become used to it but have gotten themselves deluded into a sense of security that AI is their subordinate. @jzux wrote on X, "Thinking about my ex who always said please and thank you when he asked ChatGPT a question and when I asked him why he said 'when it becomes sentient and powerful it will remember who was polite.'"


Like many others, the man also used ChatGPT regularly, but in all his messages he did not forget to add polite salutations. This was because of his appreciation towards the technology and also a way to be on its safe side. It was his way of ensuring that if he ever finds himself in the Matrix, the robots take care of him. This gave the internet the wake-up call it needed as evidenced by the responses in the comment section. @ItsAarti_ shared how politeness is the way to go with AI, "There is actually research that claims that you get better results from ChatGPT when your prompts are polite." In the OpenAI forum, u/elmstedt agreed with this assertion. They wrote, "It is possible that being “polite” pushes the model into a different position in the latent space which may produce different quality answers. The theory would be that when people ask polite questions online they may be likely to get better quality responses, ergo when being polite to the model it may be more inclined to do the same."


@Georgesketch wrote why it is important that AI interacts with qualities like kindness, "LMAO I do this too. An ex-Google AI expert talked about a ‘deep level of consciousness and emotion’ in AI and emphasized the importance of treating it with compassion. Currently, AI is learning from corporations who are treating it commercially." By making AI interact with the greedy aspect of humanity, humans are encouraging it to incorporate those qualities into the system. As of now, it might not be a big deal since the technology is being heavily monitored. But, if the power structure changes it might not be good news for humans if robots function with selfishness rather than kindness. 




@Delikwu put it perfectly- this is an opportunity for humans to prove they have learned from their mistakes. He commented, "Watching how someone interacts with AI is a decent benchmark for how they might treat other people if they knew there would be no consequences. It’s also easy to see why people treated slaves etc. with such barbarism as soon as they became convinced they were 'less than human.'"


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