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Woman saves kitten by calling animal shelther to prevent insensitive friend from adopting the feline

The woman intervenes to stop their irresponsible friend from adopting a kitten, citing her previous experience of taking 'care' of a cat.

Woman saves kitten by calling animal shelther to prevent insensitive friend from adopting the feline
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Gustavo Fring; (R) Reddit/u/ArisaLeigh

Having a pet can be a very whole experience for most individuals. They bring joy, companionship and numerous benefits. But it's also important to recognize that these animals require a lot of care and commitment. One should not adopt a pet if they are not ready for it. u/ArisaLeigh had a story to share about their "friend" who ended up adopting a cat only to give it away and then tried adopting again.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The woman begins the post by saying that she met her friend Kylie when they went to the city to attend college. She writes, "I use the term 'friends' loosely. I was still young and ignorant and had yet to learn that nice is not synonymous with kind." Their friendship came to an end after some time when Kylie was promoted at work. Kylie conducted a celebratory dinner for all her friends, where she made a shocking announcement.

Kylie stated how she would not be able to spend time with her friends because now that she was promoted, she would have to "spend more time with important people." A few of her friends laughed when they heard this, at which point she said, "I'm not joking. I like you guys, but I'm very important now. I can't keep associating with people I know from college." The woman was okay with the way things ended and was glad that they did not have to stay friends with such a toxic individual anymore.

Soon, Kylie's parents bought a condo for her. She then proceeded to adopt a kitten and had it declawed because she did not want her furniture to have scratches. In addition to that, she believed that the surgical procedure was not harmful to cats. After harming the kitten by declawing it, she eventually gave it to her parents. Kylie reasoned that she needed to network more and felt that needed a human companion rather than a pet.

She said, "Nobody wants to date a woman with cats. So Etta (the cat) has to live with my parents. It's not a big deal. Cats aren't smart anyways. She won't even remember me." Kylie managed to find a boyfriend and life went on. A year later, a friend from their group showed the individual a post from Kylie's social media where she shared that she and her boyfriend would be adopting a kitten from a local rescue because they "love cats."

The woman could not think of another kitten suffering and called the animal rescue during her lunch break to inform them about Kylie's history with cats. She shared that Kylie declawed her cat and gave away her previous one because it "didn't fit with her lifestyle." She writes, "I said that I could not, in good conscience, have this knowledge and at least let them know." Thanks to the woman's quick thinking, Kylie did not end up getting a kitten from any rescue.

Image Source: Reddit/u/notcontageousAFAIK
Image Source: Reddit/u/notcontageousAFAIK


Image Source: Reddit/u/kaedemi011
Image Source: Reddit/u/kaedemi011

The woman concludes the post by saying that she anticipated Kylie's next steps but felt good at obstructing her recent attempt to adopt a kitten. People on the platform commended the woman for their actions. u/knitlikeaboss said, "This isn't petty, to be honest. You saved an animal from a possibly awful thing (or more than one — declawing and being abandoned, probably a certain level of neglect while in her 'care' too)."

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