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Woman shares how her Tinder match helped her through labor on their fourth date

She left internet users in awe when she revealed how her Tinder match helped her through childbirth and her initial few days as an anxious new mom.

Woman shares how her Tinder match helped her through labor on their fourth date
Cover Image Source: TikTok/alyssa_jane01

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 16, 2022. It has since been updated. 

A couple on TikTok has set new relationship standards with the incredible story of their life-changing fourth date. A young mom who goes by @alyssa_jane01 on the video-sharing platform left internet users in awe when she revealed how her Tinder match helped her through childbirth and her initial first few days as an anxious new mom. The original video was viewed more than 1.5 million times, then the now extremely popular 25-year-old man, Max, also shared his side of the story and the internet just can't seem to get enough of him.

In her video, Alyssa details how their relationship took an unexpected turn from swiping right to family life in a few weeks' time. "Max and I had been together for eight weeks before he came to my birth," she explains. "And out of those eight weeks, he'd probably only gone on three or four dates with me, the fourth date was him coming to my labor and birth and delivery." Although she was supposed to pick Max up from the airport on their fourth date, their romantic plans for the day were dampened by her water breaking. When Alyssa informed Max of the unexpected turn of events and told him he'd have to find his own way home, Max took a taxi to his residence, unpacked and rushed to join her at the hospital.

Alyssa admits that although she appreciated having Max by her side during that stressful time, she had her concerns. "'But what if we end up breaking up in a week's time?'" she recalls thinking. "We only had a couple of dates. We [didn't] know each other very well at this stage. His family didn't know about me or anything like that. But long story short, he ended up coming and basically being my biggest support. I was 19 and I was alone. Max stayed with me because [the hospital staff] thought that he was the dad, [so he could] stay in the maternity unit. And he didn't protest anything when they did call him dad. He just went along with it."

In addition to being her biggest support during childbirth, Alyssa revealed that Max also took a week off work to help her and her baby once they were able to come home from the hospital. Other TikTok users absolutely loved Alyssa and Max's phenomenal story with many deeming Max a "real man" and a "keeper." One person called their relationship "the ultimate 'If he wanted to he would' story" while another commented: "THAT is what you call a Dad! Love this story so much!" 

Meanwhile, another TikTok user commented what many of us were thinking: "AND YOU FOUND THIS MAN ON TINDER!?" In his video, Max explained that he was flying back to Brisbane from a work trip away when he saw a "text message from a Tinder date saying that her water had broken and she wouldn't be able to pick me up from the airport. So from there, raced home, raced down to the hospital to meet her and met her family in the process as well, [which] made it quite interesting." He revealed that he had to take Alyssa back home that day as doctors found the baby "wasn't ready to come yet."

"We ended up going home and having to wait a few days before he was finally ready to start coming. For that whole week, I stayed with her at her place, driving to the hospital when she needed," Max continues in the video. Finally, when the time came for Alyssa to give birth, he had to stay outside due to COVID-19 restrictions, he shared. But the entire time he was outside, he couldn't stop thinking about her and the baby, Max shared. "So many men need to learn from you, you’re such a great role model and your parents should be so proud," commented one TikTok user and we couldn't agree more.

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