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Woman reveals the reason she doesn't want a son and it's resonating with many people

This content creator knows that being a mother is not her cup of tea and, on top of that, she has a solid reason to not want to raise a son.

Woman reveals the reason she doesn't want a son and it's resonating with many people
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @sophiaacsta

Times have changed and not every other woman wants to experience motherhood just because society expects them to. The idea of a woman voluntarily being child-free might still be taboo but women like Sophia are coming forward to explain why they want to remain child-free or more specifically, why they don't want to have a son. Sophia, who goes by @sophiaacsta on TikTok, shared a video where she explained why parenthood is not her cup of tea and even if it was, she would rather have a daughter.

Representational Image Source: Pexels/Daria Obymaha
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Daria Obymaha


The woman elaborates how she has noticed multiple content creators who revealed that they don't want to have a son and she heavily agrees with the sentiment. "My entire childhood and even now I always thought about this. I do not want to have a son," Sophia said. "I'm sorry to all the boys and men out there but I genuinely don't want a son." Sophia pointed out that when a boy child is young, they are easy to deal with but once they hit puberty and get older, numerous issues start popping up.

Image Source: TikTok | @sophiaacsta
Image Source: TikTok | @sophiaacsta


Sophia continued that if she was ever a mom to a son, she would never defend him if he ever displayed any misogynistic behavior or did anything wrong. The TikTok creator then provided examples of moms who would defend their son's wrongdoings without a second thought. "In court, if I had to testify, like no, he 100% did it and I don't feel bad. Even if it was a daughter, I would say the same thing. But the risks are just way higher with the son," she added.

Sophia also referred to a book called "My Body" which was penned by famous model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. In the first few chapters of the book of essays, Ratajkowski expressed her fear of raising her son Sylvester against the values of patriarchy and hoped he would grow up to become a good person. Sophia could relate to the model's worries, which added up to yet another reason for not wanting to be a boy's mom.

Image Source: TikTok | @sophiaacsta
Image Source: TikTok | @sophiaacsta


Well, Sophia isn't the only one who prefers to have daughters over sons in America these days. There was a time when American families preferred a male child over a female child. According to a survey by Gallup from 1941 to 2011, it was discovered that most parents wanted to have only one child and 40% would prefer a boy and 28%, a girl. Many moms who were raising a son stormed the comment section of Sophia's video. @flamesxrage wrote: "I’m a boy mom. They are babies still and I have so much love for them. But as a woman, I’m frightened when I think of the future."

Image Source: TikTok | @sophiaacsta
Image Source: TikTok | @sophiaacsta


@shireleuh commented: "No matter how well you raise him, most boys around him won’t be raised like that and before you know it he’s like them." @whyveronica added: "The socialization of boys particularly from other boys is so scary like you literally can’t do enough to make them not like that." Being a parent is a life-altering and challenging experience that comes with equal parts of hardships and joy. 

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