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Woman reveals the essential things she had to give up due to rising cost of living

She sarcastically mentioned the luxury of three meals a day and the scarcity of fresh food in her life.

Woman reveals the essential things she had to give up due to rising cost of living
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @allyssaablon01

As the cost of living has increased, people have made compromises to meet their ends. One Australian woman took to social media to share what she had given up to live a decent life. Alyssa Ablon—who goes by @allyssaablon01 on TikTok—lives in Brisbane and she has made a stitch from @aussiepsychstudent‘s video on the same subject. Ablon started the video with some sarcasm, “Oh my God, I love this game." She adds, "Three meals a day? What am I, a millionaire?” She also commented on the consumption of fresh fruits by saying “Fresh anything. I have frozen berries, tinned fruit, frozen vegetables, frozen meat, and fish. Fresh food? Insane.”

Image Source: TikTok | @allyssaablon01
Image Source: TikTok | @allyssaablon01

Just when we thought, the list could not cover more essentials, she discussed her third on the list, "prescription medicines." She said she has serious medical conditions but she cannot afford medicines. She also said that she had to give up therapy despite having post-traumatic stress disorder and “also starting to figure out how I learned to live in the world now that I know that I’m autistic, and then I have all the sensory needs and another sh*t. But I can’t afford that anymore.” Her list did not end with materialistic things and the last thing she gave up was "hope." People on TikTok could relate to her and commented with their own list of things.

Image Source: TikTok | @allyssaablon01
Image Source: TikTok | @allyssaablon01

@Caity commented, "My treat to myself is no longer Uber eats, it is simply having lunch." @TylerJett shared, "Hearing big corps talking about fighting the cost of living crisis while also making record profits makes me so mad. like I'm living off 2 shifts." @Rosey wrote, "No lunch. No therapy. No antidepressants. No leaving the house besides work. It’s like what is even the point anymore." @Jennnnn even revealed, "I cut down to one meal a day bc I am intermittent fasting to lose weight but it has saved me a lot of money so far, so a win is a win." @Lauren wrote, "My husband and I only eat once a day now so our groceries last longer and so our kids can always have something to eat first."

@HaldanaTeAuee wrote, "100%, it’s like we can’t even afford the bare minimum anymore, you just have to make a choice now what gets cut out." @Genevieve Berrie wrote, "I realized this as I need to see a specialist for my condition but I have to save up for it and the subsequent follow-ups so now I have to save up."

Image Source: TikTok | @allyssaablon01
Image Source: TikTok | @allyssaablon01

It is true that the cost of living crisis has led to decreases in the quality of lives of people and these stories about even compromising the bare minimum need to be told again and again so that people know it is not a personal failure but a widespread problem that many people are going through. Other people also shared how they have also given up on important essentials such as antidepressants and other medicines and therapy as well.

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