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Woman reveals how she was treated by her workplace before being fired 'for being pregnant'

As soon as her boss learned she was pregnant, they started treating her poorly and it all ended with her being fired.

Woman reveals how she was treated by her workplace before being fired 'for being pregnant'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @rissapricexo

The injustice at the workplace many people face knows no bounds. Additionally, pregnant women and new moms are often taken for granted and ill-treated due to their need for breaks. New moms and pregnant women need to avoid tiring workloads and care for themselves and their babies but companies often deem them incompetent and unproductive and immediately look for ways to get rid of them. Clarissa Price—who goes by @rissapricexo on TikTok—shared a video explaining her nerve-wracking experience with her company postpartum. The mom revealed that she went back to work postpartum after being called after her maternity leave.

Image Source: TikTok| @rissapricexo
Image Source: TikTok | @rissapricexo

“I don’t know what I was thinking at the time but I had, to keep my job,” she said. The mom then revealed that she wasn’t paid her previous paycheck and when she enquired about the same, her pay was reduced. “They docked my pay,” she said. When Price brought up the matter with her boss, he fired her. “I spoke with HR and let them know that this is not okay,” the mom said with tears in her eyes. She revealed that a month later, she was recalled but the management was doing so only in the best interest of the company, not giving any thought to the new mom.

Image Source: TikTok| @rissapricexo
Image Source: TikTok| @rissapricexo

“I wanted to ensure that if I went back, it didn’t happen to me again. I was going through a lot of changes and I think they took advantage of that,” the mom pointed out. “Other things I can’t get into right now but I need to get their permission to get my income moving forward,” Price revealed. While the mom mentioned she would sue the boss, she was unable to manage so much. A postpartum woman having to deal with court processes instead of taking care of herself and her baby is overwhelming and painstaking.” In a follow-up video, the woman added more to her awful experience.

Image Source: TikTok| @rissapricexo
Image Source: TikTok | @rissapricexo

She mentioned that she had moved up appointments and shifted her schedule as she was pregnant and had other things to tend to. “I didn’t even take a day off, I just moved a few appointments. As long as I got my work done, it was okayed,” Price added. However, as soon as her boss realized the same, he immediately considered her a liability and looked for reasons to have her fired. “Once the manager found out, he appeared to be on a mission to have me fired,” the mom said. She revealed that her boss began reprimanding her and creating a toxic environment for her at the workplace requiring her to constantly retaliate.

Image Source: TikTok| @rissapricexo
Image Source: TikTok| @rissapricexo

The mom not only faced unprofessional and cruel behavior but had her pay delayed, docked and fired only for standing up for the most basic and right thing. Several people consoled the woman, encouraging her to sue the management with an assurance that she had a foolproof case. Others even shared their stories of how the workplace can be a ruthlessly wild space for pregnant and postpartum women. @bluntbabymama said, “My old job did something similar because of my breastfeeding. They preached about ‘how we make our schedule’ and what a benefit that was but when I made my schedule to breastfeed, it was a problem.” @nottodaygoaway00 said, “So illegal to be fired for being pregnant.”

Image Source: TikTok|@back0623
Image Source: TikTok |@back0623
Image Source: TikTok| @maddybutler4
Image Source: TikTok | @maddybutler4

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