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Woman reveals how she and her husband 'fight like lovers' and why it's important for relationships

It's not like the couple don't have issues or disagreements; they just choose to communicate it nicely and with love.

Woman reveals how she and her husband 'fight like lovers' and why it's important for relationships
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @withlovesabrinaflores

In the digital age, where social media platforms like Instagram offer glimpses into people's lives, a video posted by personal coach Sabrina M. Flores - who goes on Instagram by withlovesabrinaflores - caught the internet's attention. The video, featuring her and her husband, delves into their unique approach to handling disagreements and conflicts within their relationship. What sets them apart is their conscious decision to address issues with love, kindness and empathy. This couple's commitment to gentleness and affection, even during tough times, offers valuable insights into fostering healthy and loving connections.

Image Source: Instagram | @withlovesabrinaflores
Image Source: Instagram | @withlovesabrinaflores


At the heart of their approach lies a fundamental choice: the choice to love, even in the face of adversity, as Sabrina mentions in the video. In a world where arguments can often turn volatile, their conscious decision to treat each other with respect and care sets a powerful example. She talks about how it all started in her caption - "I used to refuse to hold his hand or hug him when I was mad at him. Because 'what the heck! I'm angry! Now's not the time for affection! It's the time to show you exactly how much I'm hurting!'"

Image Source: Instagram | @withlovesabrinaflores
Image Source: Instagram | @withlovesabrinaflores


However, she realized that it would not work that way. "But I've realized, over time, that this doesn't resonate with the person I want to be or the relationship I want to have. The vast majority of the time that we fight, it's not over an urgent, massive, potentially relationship-ending issue. Therefore, even in those moments when my anger and frustration are overwhelming, it's perhaps even more important that we embody and share the love we have for each other," she writes. This choice to approach disagreements with love underscores the idea that love isn't just a passive emotion but an active decision, a commitment to prioritize kindness even when anger or frustration beckons. It resonates with the age-old wisdom that "love is patient, love is kind."

Image Source: Instagram | @withlovesabrinaflores
Image Source: Instagram | @withlovesabrinaflores

One intriguing aspect of their strategy is the way they handle intense moments. Instead of escalating conflicts, the couple takes breaks when things get too heated. She mentions in her video that in moments when they feel like the argument is getting out of hand, they pause it. On days when they are not in disagreement, the couple takes an extra step by sharing kind words and staying physically close to one another. This simple yet powerful gesture reinforces their bond and reminds each other of their love. "Even though this seems like a small gesture, it reaffirms our commitment," she says. This tactic, common in conflict resolution, allows emotions to cool down, preventing further harm from impulsive reactions.


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Flores' approach doesn't just benefit their relationship; it has a broader ripple effect. By choosing kindness and empathy over harshness, they create an atmosphere of love and respect that extends beyond their connection. She concludes her caption by saying, "When a triggered mind and defensive behavior overcomplicate an otherwise simple issue, safety and intimacy can bring us both down to earth and remind us of what is truly important." Their choice to address issues like lovers - with kindness, empathy, and the occasional break - offers valuable lessons to everyone.

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