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Woman reveals emergency tips and hidden features for car owners that can be life-saving

Vehicles always have inbuilt features in case of emergencies but often owners may not be aware of the same.

Woman reveals emergency tips and hidden features for car owners that can be life-saving
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @huyameishuoche

Owning a vehicle is not a luxury but also a responsibility and owners must be well-versed with their vehicles for efficient and safe use. It is all the better to know vivid details about one’s vehicle and various hacks or hidden features as well. A woman @huyameishuoche shared a video on TikTok revealing such hidden features that are found in most cars. She also mentioned that these features can be used during emergencies and are great to be aware of. “99% of people don’t know about this! Hidden features in your car,” the caption read. The woman whose account is dedicated to sharing life hacks and other useful tips for general knowledge, got into the details starting with the interior mirror.

Image Source: TikTok| @huyameishuoche
Image Source: TikTok | @huyameishuoche

Pointing towards the bottom of the interior rearview mirror, the woman revealed that there was a button at the back of the mirror. On pressing it down, the woman revealed that one won’t have the issue of dazzling or blinding lights at night. Next, she moved to the seatbelt section and revealed that there is a more hassle-free way to adjust the seat belt to make it comfortable for the person. The woman shared that the portion above the seatbelt output can be pulled up or down manually to adjust the height of the seatbelt as per the person. For the third feature, the woman redirected everyone’s focus to the visor.

Image Source: TikTok| @huyameishuoche
Image Source: TikTok| @huyameishuoche

The front visors available for keeping away the sun from the front glass have an added advantage. The woman revealed that the visor has a mechanism wherein it can be easily tilted towards the side to block sunlight coming from the car’s window. For those with different heights sharing a car or worrying about having to constantly move the seat back and forth due to height differences, the next feature is for their use. The woman revealed, “There is a small wrench under the steering wheel. Press it and you can freely adjust the height of the steering wheel.” Lastly, the woman shared the most important hack for when one is stuck or locked inside a car and is unable to get out.

Image Source: TikTok| @huyameishuoche
Image Source: TikTok| @huyameishuoche

“Don’t worry if you’re stuck in your car. Getting out of the car is very simple,” the woman said. She then revealed that there is a hidden button that can help unlock the trunk of the car and allow a person to efficiently get out. There were a few easy steps to follow to get to the button. Firstly, the woman suggested pushing down the rear seats with the help of the level behind the headrest. Once one gets into the trunk of the car, there will be a tiny push-button kind of feature to open the trunk from inside. This would be situated in the center of the trunk, in the exact position of the exterior opening socket. All one has to do is push that button to open the trunk. “This is your life-saving switch. You can open the trunk with just one click,” the woman concluded.

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